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On “How You Do That”, the listener is introduced to a hypnotic flow with methodical magnetism built into the beat and rhyme, to start off what becomes a notable project. Unlike many mainstream hip-hop artists where rappers possess a veil of false bravado, Twin Turbo B doesn’t have to follow trends, because there’s no need to do so, when the art speaks for itself.

Twin Turbo B makes it easy to absorb his words as he spreads them over a blend of mellow sounds. From his sticky rhyme patterns to his wonderfully woven wordplay and his relatable words, Twin Turbo B finds creative ways to keep the audience glued to his music. The sumptuous and colorful video shot by Haitian Picasso does the rest in making sure the song holds your attention.

Twin Turbo B, also known as Negative B is a Haitian artist from Brooklyn, NY. He is currently signed to Restricted Records, a new label that supports independent artists.  Having previously managed a few artists, Twin Turbo B has finally decided to focus on his own career, and “How You Do That”, gets him off to a flying start. It is a brief but potent sample of what Twin Turbo B does best.

“How You Do That” is out now on all major music platforms.

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