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Born in Austin TX of Japanese / Mexican extract Marco Iwabuchi better known as Marco tha Gr8 had a rough start by coming a single father at the age of 16. Yet he went on to open a both a mortgage and a solar company. He is now chasing his dream of being an entertainer and creator.  Marco has been writing since he was 8 years old, and believes his first poem to be the most inspiring:

“The people in the streets could be happy. But they never know what to do. The reason I’m writing this poem is to really inform you. About the people living in the ditches and the people that seek for food. One of the hungriest animals alive so what can we do. We can teach them to read and write. And skills to bare the hard times they go through. So please reach out your hand if you see somebody needs you.”

Marco tha Gr8’s new single, which is currently on radio rotation, is “Reality is Cold”. Marco has a talent to pour his heart and soul into his music, he touches people’s hearts, giving them a voice, showing the ones who understand his meaning, that they are not alone in their struggles.

Marco tha Gr8 comes in with a tight flow, awesome hooks and music that you don’t have to worry about anybody hearing you sing. It is positive music well put together and from an artist that seems to have music running through his blood.

Marco tha Gr8 brings unusual sensitivity and thought to his projects. His music is as concerned with storytelling and poetry, as it is with conveying emotion. At the same time the electro beat is toe tapping and body moving, with its skittering hi-hats, steady handclaps, and thumping kick drum. It’s one of those very rare songs that you don’t mind hearing over and over. The music, the lyrics, the rhythm – all of it works together to produce a really great song.


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