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Guitarist and Singer Stanley Rimpson Jr Announced the release of his Debut Retro-Rock Styled  EP – “Psych”

The "Psych" EP cover artwork
The “Psych” EP cover artwork

Indie guitarist/producer Stanley Rimpson Jr announces debut EP entitled “Psych”—a vintage yet urban collection of songs that delivers a radical message on freedom in America.

On the EP, fans will uncover some retro styled yet rocking songs that are the soundtrack for this time in America. The “Psych” EP stands to take you back to an era when music was music. This is a musical collection that all people will be able to identify with.

 “I never thought I would live in the America I read about in history books (mainly the 60s), so I wanted to create an vintage, urban, but rocking vibe to put sound to situation.”  – Stanley Rimpson Jr



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