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Wow! “More Than a Decade of Music” aka MTADOM, is in its 9th Week and Duncan Daniels is unstoppable with releases of classic records back to back, every Friday for nearly 3 months now. The Dunkishrock Music Producer and Artiste made his debut a week ago, on the Reverb Nation Top 100 Pop charts for New York City at #98 and in less than a week, has climbed to #66 as of March 12th 2015. This is proof that hard work does indeed pay off and for Duncan; this is only scratching the surface.

Week 9 special Friday the 13th edition of “MTADOM” is titled “There She Goes Again” and it is set to be one of his biggest international releases since “Unconditional Love” a month ago. Here we see Duncan Daniels like never before, hitting notes way past his comfort zone and exploring high vocal ranges we have not seen him attempt before on a record. The production is undeniably a masterpiece featuring an amazing display of musicianship that is dispensed ways off from mediocre and the craftiness of Enrico Tiberi’s Guitar solos, takes this number to souring heights.

“TSGA” is sweet and soulful and tells a story that anyone can relate to, which is one of Duncan’s trademarks and has been reviewed as “classic, timeless and beautiful music”. This record is reminiscent of the good old 90’s Alt/Contemporary/Rock classics and can sit well with the likes of Bon Jovi’s “Always”, Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” and Lenny Kravitz’s “See You Again” to name a few.


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