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Born Bougain Littlejohn, in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, Bizeeee aka 4ez is back with a brand new 2019 album project, featuring the single entitled “Couple Bands Up In The Gucci Bag”. 4ez has proven to be one of the most interesting new artists during the last year. On the surface, he is a prime example of the year’s new breed of “post-future” artists, but on a meta level, 4ez is a rebel-esque grinder figure who challenges the tyrannical orthodoxy of hip-hop and society at large.

Like most interesting rappers in the modern era, 4ez’s appeal isn’t just that he’s a great emcee in a conventional sense, but it’s also the sheer visceral thrill of hearing  his melodic flows combining with glittering beats to form an intoxicatingly catchy form of new age era music.

The single “Couple Bands Up In The Gucci Bag”, delivers the aforementioned elements in bucket loads. The most striking thing about the song, is how thoroughly 21st Century it sounds. A cursory listen reveals that 4ez is an innovative artist. Even though he works within the conventions established by his peers, he is a refinement of the new school sound.

He cuts out the more annoying aspects of his contemporaries and adds a real ear for forceful hooks, as well as a colorful selection of beats that captivate. Songs like “Couple Bands Up In The Gucci Bag” showcase 4ez at his best; catchy and buoyed by a beat that is dark and soulful.

Compact and concise, with a limitless smorgasbord of sugary melodics, smooth flows and sharp introspective lyricism, the track sounds like a chill symphony in the digital age. Surfing a crescendo of shuffling hi-hats and warm keys, 4ez also leaves listeners with a relatable story – which is both an inspiration and a warning.

The reality of his world is brought to the fore; his most emotive self, sprawled across 4 minutes of revelatory music. The production crafts the perfect grooves for 4ez to channel his tale of aspiration, joy and woe, and he comes out the other side a wiser man.

On “Couple Bands Up In The Gucci Bag”, 4ez finds an outlet for his reflection and reaction, and sonically spills his thoughts in a surprisingly effective project. This is a cultivation of his honest aesthetic – it’s both a metaphoric and introspective grappling with where he was, where he aspired to be, where he is now, and where he’ll go from here.

There are many lessons to be learned from this song, regardless of what your craft or desires in life may be.  On this track, 4ez found a way to combine his usual edge with a contemplative, mellow and honest sound. The song’s simplicity will manage to reach an emotional relatability within audiences that is mostly unmatched by songs in a similar style.


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EPK: http://artistecard.com/BIZEEEE

CREDITS: Black Circle, Future, Mike Epps, Scooter, ThuG, Ti, French Montana, Diamond, Kontraversy, Casino, Migos, WillPower, and more!

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