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Alden Groves has used many monikers over the years, including his popular electronic alias “Evoke”. Now, however, he’s stepping forward into the spotlight under his own name with the single “Sway” (ft. Heléne). Groves draws inspiration from past emotional hardships on this project, as the title “Sway” refers to the constant rocking between emotional ups and downs while dealing with his bipolar disorder. For such a young troubled man Alden Groves displays a maturity ahead of his years on this track. Largely this comes through the inspiration fired up by reflecting his realities, and the challenging events he had to endure. However when such negative or testing experiences can be channeled in a creative fashion and given back to the world as positive energy to help people, this can be very powerful.

Turning afflicting tragedies into powerful art is one hell of a way to write verses and shows how Alden Groves has harnessed personal suffering and fears, to the point of the musical progression he has so far amassed and is continuing to show. This negative to positive theme is drawn for immediately on the track, as a tale grimly recounted.

Laced in anxiety and fear, and here to tell you something at all times, one thing the captivating and motivating “Sway” (ft. Heléne) does very well – that I feel any music should do – is take you somewhere.

The journey we depart on navigates through the appropriate segments of Alden Groves’ experiences, with each situating him in various moods and states of minds.  All of this is done through the metaphoric description of being stranded in the ocean due to a shipwreck.

An infectious energy, together with an assertive yet subtle flow rips through the verses making way for light and gleaming melodies that float you away. Groves’ commanding delivery demands your attention at all times as a listener, and as such, you are never let down – there is always a point being relayed, a moral expressed and a message being driven.

Wrapped up in a gentle but insistent EDM/Pop groove, “Sway” (ft. Heléne) finds strength in its accessibility – this will lure new supporters aplenty to Alden Groves’ lair, while simultaneously pleasing the existing fans.

This sees the track stamp its prowess as a significant single body of work, that as the title does not immediately suggest, addresses what is often considered taboo subjects. Combine this with the execution that includes a host of smoothly-laced flows, killer hooks that find many a nesting space in your head and the rich, sumptuous production, and you have quite the sizeable master work from Groves.

I don’t think there is an insufficient moment anywhere on this track – this is what they call raising the bar. One thing that is made abundantly clear throughout “Sway” (ft. Heléne), is Groves’ undeclared desire to expand and elevate his artistry. Alden Groves’ impressive and admirable creativity is strong enough to lift even the most basic sounds to thrilling heights.


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