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Alex Kyle is an Award winning singer-songwriter from Lincolnshire, UK, who is currently working on his brand new album, as well as getting set to release his single “I’ll Be Your Lighthouse”. Now let me preface this article by saying that the last Alex Kyle music I listened to, was the EP “Road To The River”, in 2016, and in fact it still does time in my player. Without a doubt, that’s a damn good indication of the man’s songwriting prowess. Lately songs never last out a full season, let alone 3 or 4 years.

So there must be something to it, and I can surely say that “I’ll Be Your Lighthouse” is a song with its feet planted in the trends of its time, it’s eye on the past, and its head up in the clouds, dreaming up bigger ideas. It’s a rewarding mid-tempo ballad that is also amongst Alex Kyle’s best, most fleshed-out work to date.

Big orchestral sounds, resonant pianos and gritty guitars mesh with Alex Kyle’s acoustics, in a sprawling backdrop to the artist’s uplifting narrative and soaring vocals. “I’ll Be Your Lighthouse” sounds like Kyle’s most grandiose recording in terms of arrangement and production; and it seems poised to give him a bigger public appreciation than he has received before.

Kyle has never been a typical mainstream radio songwriter in the truest sense, but the chorus on his latest, is certainly an ear-worm, for sure. Though he is tiptoeing his way into the mainstream here, Kyle’s inimitable singer-songwriter identity, however, is still here.

As with all of his material, Alex Kyle is exceptional at crafting verses that are quite pretty and poetic sounding, and even more meaningful upon closer examination. It contains a set of lines that rolls easily off the tongue, and straight into the heart.

An unexpected benefit of “I’ll Be Your Lighthouse”, is that it will induce the listener to look back on all Alex Kyle has made to arrive at this point.

Listeners will be able to grasp that Kyle manages to create stellar recordings like the aforementioned “Road To The River” – which was recorded during the summer of 2015 at The Ark Studios, Willoughby – without ever giving up his unique songwriting quirks and eccentricities. “I’ll Be Your Lighthouse” is the kind of song that immediately draws you in, and the first time you hear it you know it’ll be around for a long time.

The lines: “I’ll be your lighthouse, if you let me be. I won’t leave you stranded, or lost out at sea,” fits so perfectly into the groove and the melody that it’s hard to imagine anything else in its place. There’s real passion there, the sense that Alex Kyle is compelled to open up his soul, to declare something.

His latest single, “I’ll Be Your Lighthouse” is another masterful recording, and the production is even more expansive, which tells me that Alex Kyle is working hard, pushing himself artistically and lyrically.


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