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Amanda Julie has been playing piano since age 4, as well as drums, guitar, ukulele and more, for at least 8 years. She has written her own lyrics and music for the past 5 years. In 2021 she has released two singles, namely “But I’m Lying”, and her latest “Jessie”. Amanda employs languid, melodic vocal delivery, sumptuously poignant production, and lyrics that are aware of their drama in the face of romance and the tribulations that come with it. The singer has a clear vision for her sound and each release show how she is striving to best bring that vision to fruition.

She nails it right from the start, on “But I’m Lying”. Amanda Julie’s voice is both familiar and unique. She clearly has vocal talent, and a powerful voice, but she interprets the songs she writes with a focus on expressive nuancing and delicate delivery as opposed to big belting moments and bridges jam-packed with riffs.

That’s not to say that she can’t belt or riff, she just doesn’t make that the dominant trait of her music. At least not on “But I’m Lying”. It makes the song so much warmer and listenable, and allows you to not miss the lyrics.

“I am not the party type. But I’ve had one too many and I can’t get you off of my mind. Unbuttoned shirt and faded jeans. If I look too long you’ll haunt me at night in my sleep,” sings Amanda, as she unfolds the nostalgic storyline. “I say I’m good. With your pictures framed above my bed. But I’m lying, lying. I say I won’t ever try to dial your number again. But I’m lying, I’m lying,” she concludes. Amanda Julie’s versatile vocals easily go from sultry, to dreamily resonant, and emphatically emotional.

While “But I’m Lying” is mainly piano-driven, “Jessie” showcases a delicate and jangling guitar backdrop added to the mix. The soundscape here is almost cinematic, while the smooth background coos fill in the empty spaces.

There are a lot of emotions being processed in this song and such transparency proves one of the record’s fundamental strengths. Sounding chilling, beautiful and raw, Amanda is in touch with her emotions, and is not afraid to show them openly. She successfully utilizes her lilting voice in a harmonic setting to achieve this.

“You never plan to fall so hard. For a person who knows who you are. You can share the t-shirts and shelves in the closet. And never recognize what you had ’til you’ve lost it. I didn’t know ’til now. That Jessie broke my heart,” sings Amanda, in “Jessie”, still deeply concerned with the emotional intricacies of love. “Another day another way to “I love you”. Damn, you’ve always looked so good in blue. But the dinner table is set for more than two.” The song is reflective and alluring, relying on the sophisticated beat and Amanda’s crystal clear vocals which define her songs.

As the song continues, Amanda is able to convey even deeper emotions which accomplishes alongside the euphonious beat the song uses. All of which is a highly positive reflection on the lyrics and her vocal delivery.

Both, “But I’m Lying”, and her latest single “Jessie”, are evidence that Amanda Julie can exist and excel in the mainstream pop lane, where she sounds comfortable and confident. She seems to have quickly found her sonic pocket. All she needs to do is to continue to develop and hone that sound. There’s an incredible amount of potential that can be heard here.


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