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The beauty of the tracks on the EP “Let’s Inspire The Uninspired” by singer-songwriter He Has Heart, is in the musicianship: textured acoustic guitar layers, many vocal timbres, and plunging emotional passages, leaving just enough room for pondering alone in your room, on the subway, or alone in the car. And you most definitely need to be alone. To listen to this EP with others, feels almost like a betrayal to the songwriter, who is desperately trying to communicate with you in an intimate and personal way. The tracks are tidy and to the point, detailing what He Has Heart is trying to say, to your darkest and loneliest of emotions.

He Has Heart is one of the few musicians, who can describe all of his feelings, both positive and negative, as he’s totally aware of them. It’s not an easy task and his ability to do so will make you feel less alone. Even if you’re unsure, you’ll become less afraid of your demons and afflictions, knowing others like He Has Heart understands what you’re going through. Though his minimalistic music is captivating, it’s the singer-songwriter’s words that everyone will hang on to.

And while he has wisdom to spare, it’s the sound of his voice that makes sure the content immediately grabs hold of your soul and enters your mindset. He Has Heart is engaging, on the heartfelt opener “End Like A Dream”, where he affronts the sentiments of loss. “Another night alone. I dream of you coming home. I know that things went wrong. Please believe that we are meant to be. That’s how it is in all my dreams,” sings He Has Heart, as he tries to find meaning, and the strength to move on. It’s obvious that love is still burning bright.

The incredibly succinct and wondrous narrative on “Another Sunrise” is incredibly colorful and vivid, as He Has Heart, unfolds the theme of living the present to the fullest, for we know not what the future holds. “Enjoy this time, it’s time well spent. Somewhere, somehow, sometimes the good things must come to an end,” he declares.

“Greater Than Me” presents some more in-depth, inner-searching for troubled souls, as he sings: “Is it too late to try and be strong? Well not if you’re hearing this song. Let these lyrics get stuck in your head. Be strong my friend.”

Each song is recorded with immense clarity. The EP sounds like the cohesive unit it is meant to be, even though every song examines a different angle on the emotional complexities of love and life. “Sick N Tired ft. beeem showcases rapping and spoken word interludes, to contrast the resonant melodic croon of the choruses. It’s a song that’s immediately impressive.

“Made it through some changes, washed away the things I’ve done. Time to speak out,” sings He Has Heart” in the opening lines of “10 Foot Tall”, in an attempt to uplift and empower those who seem to carry the blame of the world on their shoulders.

Each lyric, on top of its artistic ingenuity, shows off He Has Heart’s remarkable voice. His clean-cut tenor sound, showcases his range and emotional vulnerability perfectly. Regardless of his subject matter, the beauty of his voice always comes shining through.

The final song, “Inspire The Uninspired” plays absolute testimony to this statement. “Ain’t no mountain I can’t climb. Ain’t no reason I won’t try. Ain’t no fear that will keep me from being alive. Love yourself for what’s inside. Don’t you dare go run and hide, from the ones who try to take away your pride,” exclaims He Has Heart, making it clear that we need to be bold and fearless in this life.

“Let’s Inspire The Uninspired”, showcases He Has Heart at his most profound: sensible and motivated, emotional and soulful, articulating life’s most complex feelings in a way we can all understand. The EP has powerful empathetic undertones that add to its relatability and greatness.


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