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The Mexico City native, Andree Cassielll, possesses a down-to-earth humility in his vocal tone that makes his storytelling raps feel like they’re always coming from a place of truth over fiction. Considering the producer and artist, predominantly sings and raps in Spanish, which I cannot understand, that’s an impressive feat. The trap-inspired beats flicker in and out as Andree becomes more invested in his storytelling, and it truly feels like you’re on the phone with a rambling friend. He’s a poet, capable of transporting you somewhere otherworldly with his sound. His music has a genuine fluidity, and if he continues to experiment and expand his deliveries, he could easily establish himself as one of the genre’s most interesting up comers.

Andree Cassielll, is currently promoting his 7 track EP entitled “Alimento”. His vocals are delivered with such variety, melody and charisma that it’s hard not to get lost in these songs. Most impressive is the fact Andree produces all of his own music.

With this level of creative ownership, it ensures he can control his own narrative and widen his imagination to heights while not getting caught up in anybody else’s shadow. The EP opens with the hazy “Me emborracho”, which is built on a warm scintillating piano, a rumbling bassline, and skittering hi-hats. On top, Andree Cassielll delivers a slow inebriating melodic motif.

“Yo lo se” comes with a harder beat and a thumping kick drum. Andree also solidifies the vocals with more layers of harmony for a rich and lush sound. “Trapper” is even more hypnotizing, as the keys and hi-hats run with the consistency of a Swiss watch.

As addictive as some chemical substances, Andree Cassielll’s luxurious raps worm their way into your brain and refuse to leave. “AK” is slower, dreamier and embellished with sweeping keyboard flourishes, while the hi-hats keep pumping essential energy into these tracks.

“Pare” has a head nodding beat, a plucked string accompaniment and an earworm chorus, with Andree’s vocals building into gorgeous crescendos. “Say” once again steps into ethereal territory, as the singer’s vocals float effortlessly over a consistent beat.

The song is guided by an infectious echo that makes it endlessly catchy without following traditional pop conventions. Andree Cassielll closes the EP with “Complicated”. Delivered with his conversational cadence he weaves together a vivid romantic tale in a way that’s at once honest and addictive.

Andree Cassielll’s musical ability is top notch, but the way he carries himself across “Alimento”, is almost as important. He exudes confidence. Andree isn’t short on Latin charm, but there’s a universality to his music that makes him a perfect fit for the modern era.

The Mexico City artist’s intoxicating delivery, defies regional sounds, making him a versatile and appealing artist whose music can travel well beyond the borders of his nation. If he continues on this path, Andree Cassielll will have some important years ahead. He has mainstream appeal, offering melodic flourishes and sticky choruses for radio-friendly listeners.



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