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Artdayn has a lot of incredible qualities: world-class singer, inventive rapper, skilled songwriter and being the ‘Singing Uber Driver’. Another is his willingness to commit to a diverse aesthetic direction on each release, even if it’s not the obvious path. Put another way, Artdayn has the vision, ability and confidence to follow his muse, wherever it might go. Not every artist does. From having struggled in poverty in Cuba and his mother’s inability to work due to mental illness once moving to the United States, the 24-year-old Daynel Artiles pairs his musical talent with bright, flashing lights in his car, creating an experience for riders that falls somewhere between “Cash Cab” and a nightclub. “I plan to be an influence in people’s life due to the deep and meaningful messages in my songs. I write about what goes on around me and about what I have lived through in the past,” says the artist known as Artdayn.

Over the last year and a half, Artdayn has brought soul and warmth, countless hip-hop hooks, and produced the kind of unforgettable rock songs destined to be played for his most adoring fans, and each track has only reinvented the very concept of Artdayn’s musical palette.

His voice pristine and his pen sharp, as the direction on his single “Home Movie” inspires a deeper connection to sexual urges, where dirty minds meet even dirtier girls. Better still if they’re somebody else’s wife. The track is especially geared toward bedroom listening.

The song’s title provides a concise frame for the track’s theme, as Artdayn’s classicist R&B preoccupations of love, passion and sex, are haunted by an undercurrent of sentimental chaos and carnal disorder. It’s a steamy record. An explicit one.

Harsh, raw, full of passion. So much feeling is being poured from Artdayn’s pores, as the production rages with the red-hot heat of physical manipulation and possession. The song manages to create an entire world within itself.

Here Artdayn is the sensual singer. You’ll be engrossed by the savage sweetness, or vice versa, the hard percussion, the exquisite falsetto he just pulled off. The vocal arrangement certainly wasn’t shortchanged as Artdayn hits all the right notes.

“Home Movie” shows that, artistically at least, the ‘Singing Uber Driver’ collocates himself in a unique alcove – between the quaint mainstream pulsations of Bryson Tiller and the Weeknd, and the far out fringes of Frank Ocean. In a time when most pop and R&B is engineered for computers and smartphone speakers, “Home Movie” is refreshingly ready for headphone listening.


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