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bastiko emerged in the late 90s on Germany’s Hip Hop scene and has since evolved into a versatile and multifaceted artist with his own signature sound and style. Music has always been a cornerstone in bastiko’s life since he started playing guitar, drums and vocals in his first grunge band when he was 15 years old.

Towards the end of his teenage years, he formed a strong interest in exploring the electronic music scene in Stuttgart, Germany, and started experimenting with fast-paced Hip Hop beats over his own lyrics, gradually refining this to become his unique signature style and making his mark in Stuttgart’s music landscape.

After finding his respective niche in the Hip Hop genre and adding new skills, such as self-production and playing the piano, to his portfolio, bastiko released his single “Running Around In Circles” in 2019. A song that – through a tasteful mix of Electro-Pop with bastiko’s infectiously catchy Hip Hop sounds – solidifies his unique style and artistic merit.

This spin on adding innovative blends of Hip Hop and Electronic music to Pop music makes bastiko’s style one that touches on originality and familiarity, and gives his audience a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable.

bastiko is a promising artist who is passionately creating new original material to share his sound with a continually growing audience worldwide.


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