B’kem – “Take” crystallizes its moments of hopeful optimism

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What makes B’kem’s music so compelling and convincing, is the fateful combination of skill and the will to interpret his truths in such a personal way, with songwriting that never ever leaves the listener with a sense of going astray. His efficient rapping, singing, and attention-grabbing voice will leave you in an inspirational mood. After listening to his latest single, “Take”, your head will be literally brimming with words and messages just waiting to be tied together by the power of your faith. Faith and self- belief, are two things B’kem has coexisted with, or rather, has been fueled by.

Born from Nigeria parents and living in south central Los Angeles, meant life was never easy for him. He grew up with the cruel echo of words like, “you’re not good enough,” and “you’re not meant to do music.”  Yet despite being told that he had to either be a lawyer, doctor or engineer, B’kem went to The Los Angeles Recording School and Graduated with a Sound Engineering Degree. He has never looked back since.

B’kem has performed all over, appeared in multiple media outlets, and has had his music played worldwide. Recently he captured attention with the release of the song “Black Lives Matter”, which has been raking in streams due to its powerful messages.

“My name ‘B’kem’ is something I’m very proud of. It comes from my middle name Chibuikem which means God is my strength,” explains B’kem. “I find it interesting because the strength I’ve had to keep going has been very supernatural.”

On “Take”, he proves that he is no one trick pony. The new single manages to further distinguish B’kem’s sensibility to balance reality with spirituality. It’s the low-key melodism and anthemic simplicity, together with the chorus vocalizing the sort of hands-aloft motion – that the music itself irresistibly encourages – in which the song crystallizes its moments of hopeful optimism. B’kem’s portrait of a better world, expresses the kind of chain-of-hands sentimentality that is ready to captivate the world.

B’kem’s sharp wit cuts through the clichés, sketching the scenario of positivity and sacrifice to foster togetherness and hope: “Oh Lord, take everything I surrender.” Unlike his stateside contemporaries who thrive on gangsta bravado, B’kem brings a different perspective and plenty of musical creativity to “Take”. It would be easy to tag B’kem as a conscious rapper, but it’s probably more appropriate to see him as god-fearing, worldly and informed.

What separates B’kem from the majority of his hip hop compatriots is his approach.  Unlike most rappers who take the lazy approach – dirty lyrics, violent behavior, substance abuse, and naked women, B’kem searches for the truths that can be incorporated into his sound.

This is an artist in command of both power and nuance, fearlessly transforming his messages into an uplifting soundtrack. In this world you will meet two kinds of people – Those who will pull you down and those who will pull you up. B’kem belongs to the latter group. He does awesome work and should be supported!

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