Simy – “Blue Prince” – a lyrical and storytelling gem

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Fresh to the music recording scene, Simy is an artist based in OC, California, who been releasing music since early 2019. “I have a niche for happy sounding music with deeper or darker context,” explains Simy, continuing: “For this album I took a hiatus and made sure I was making a whole new world where you could see the visuals of what I was speaking. ‘Blue Prince’ is a love story, a break up story, a coming of age story, and most importantly it’s my story,” he states. “Typically my fans know me for the title, ‘The Pink Prince of Rap’, but for this, I wanted to completely flip that on its head, by giving chill vibes akin to the color of blue.”

Simy is fearless in his scope on “Blue Prince” – both lyrically and sonically – as he blends the best of old school storytelling with the groove of new wave sounds. The artist waxes lyrical about a number of issues, internal obstacles and external influences, with no loss of pensive depth. You can uncover each narrative for yourself, track by track, as this is strictly a personal conversation between Simy and the listener.

While the album is a lyrical and storytelling gem above all, there’s no denying that it’s a rich body of work all around. The hard-hitting, inspiring lyrical content is supported by a wonderful fusion of music, ensuring that not only is the album important, but also incredibly enjoyable.

The mellifluous “Beginnings”, rides in on a breezily strummed acoustic vibe and a swinging groove. Simy explained that the song was completely made during a Discord call with Jido who produced it. He hummed the melody, and the producer put down the drum beat and ukulele track, off the cuff.

This album is candid, full of heart, and most importantly, absolutely concise; no time is wasted on elaborating nothingness. Most songs don’t even reach the two-minute mark, meaning Simy has no time for useless elements.

As provocative as it is inspiring, the soundscape is varied and gorgeous, starting with the delicious warmth of “Blue Bars” which jaunts on a bouncy beat and shimmering keys. Simy flows over the soundscape with effortless ease making sure the narrative holds your attention.

The beating heart of the album is the voice of Simy, which becomes increasingly important on the jangly “Boötes”: “If we lose just to win and live the same. Everybody Dies. Blue Prince. Blueprint.”

Regardless of the somber theme, “Been In The Rain” ft. Kae, is the kind of music that makes you want to lay back and have an orgasm to. Kae’s vocal tones are so absolutely captivating, while Simy’s bars are like a gentle, uninterrupted rush to the heart. This is an utterly addictive musical confection.

Interesting is the fact that “Been In The Rain” was originally Kae’s song, with  Simy being a feature, but his take on the verse was so personal and impacting  that they decided they would both release it. Moving forward, “Backtrack (Interlude)” is airy but urgent, with Simy’s rhymes sitting tightly in the pocket of the song’s dynamics. The only negative here, is that it ends too soon.

This brings us to the slow-burning poetics of “Beam Me Up”. The sound is awesome – warm in the right places, crisp in the right places. Simy is in deep conversational mode here, and it is all heart and soul.

He closes the show down with “Bad For Real” ft. Jalon Brown, who also produced the song. Here the two flex their lyrical and technical skills, catching you totally off-guard. All-round on this album, Simy proves to be far removed from his copy-cat contemporaries, as “Blue Prince” is not the cookie-cut, and mass manufactured music that is promoted so much these days.


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