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Brandon Jeffries is a Songwriter from Northeastern North Carolina, with heavy roots in various genres of Rock and Country music. Early in 2015 he started work on recording his first self-released, solo EP – “Future Classic”. For just over a year prior, he had worked on writing the material for this project as he hitched hiked, backpacked, flew, and wondered through the many different, but vaguely familiar cities of the U.S.

Brandon Jeffries
Brandon Jeffries

He states: “Ultimately this project is a reflection of how I felt as I found myself, fully embracing the artist in me, while getting lost in the bustling foot traffic of NYC, or frozen in the biting wind of Pier 39 in San Fran. It’s funny how D.C., New York, Chicago, and Norfolk can be so vastly different and still feel like the same place. I find a lot of motivation in those areas.”

Brandon Jeffries self-released studio effort, “Future Classic”, is a lot of things: fun, somber, introspective, romantic, optimistic, and clever. Perhaps most importantly, it’s enjoyable. The melodies are superb, complemented nicely by Brandon’s tasteful and effective guitar playing. The vocal lines are excellent, and I feel like each track paints a picture, and by the end you have a beautiful mosaic of what Brandon’s been through over the past few years.

I think one of the reasons I’m such a fan and have such respect for what he  has achieved here, is because not only does Brandon create the music he wants to, but does it with such passion, that it is hard to not appreciate it. The tracks portray a bluesy, Americana, rock and folk personality, which reveal some introspective and elegant song-to-song cohesion, and some sense of an emotional storyline. “Follow The Leader” and “As You Let Go” are particularly evocative; “Well Enough Alone” and “Till Ya Get Enough” totally rocks out, while tracks like “Shoe Swayed Blues” and “Everything” will get your foot tapping.

Brandon Jeffries
Brandon Jeffries

The lyrics, music, composition, production, and vocals are all superb. Thematically the EP also works very well. There is a fine line between blues and rock and country sometimes, and Brandon toes that line and darts back and forth at times on this record, and the result is phenomenal. These are not the songs that you hear one time and think – best song I’ve ever heard. This is that EP that just grows and grows on you – put it into your playlist, and after a day or two, watch how you smile when it starts.

There appears to be so many artistic sides to Brandon Jeffries, but the reason he is an extremely interesting artist is because he knows how to craft great songs. Everything in “Future Classic” is done tastefully. It’s outstanding, enduring music, hence the title being spot on! It’s not music trying to show off, it just exists. Period.

Brandon is the perfect example of why artists should maintain relative anonymity. He simply allows his songwriting to speak for him. There are very few artists I love enough to want all their music – past, present or future – but Brandon Jeffries is now in that category for me!


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