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At times an innovator, at times a traditionalist, Swedish born singer songwriter, Calle Ameln has stirred emotions, and broke down genre barriers, since he released the ‘Revolution On The Rocks’ album in June 2016. He followed that up with several singles, including his critically acclaimed track ‘I Know My Whiskey’, which has been his biggest commercial success so far. With a background in hard rock and metal, Calle brings that grit to his Country Rock and Americana blend, which also leans on pop sensibilities. Ameln has been featured on global media outlets, and has had his songs aired on major US and European radio stations. His latest single “Broken Bottle” is set to be released on all major platforms on Friday 7th January 2022.

As we have come to expect from Calle Ameln, “Broken Bottle” is another conceptualized song, as opposed to just a collection of random catchy words and phrases. His intriguing storytelling lend to something greater than the sum of its individual parts, and results in a more immersive experience for the listener.

Calle Ameln

To help bring the story to life, Calle builds a warm production made up of shimmering guitars and a thumping rhythm. The single is great across the board, with the resonating instrumental texture and Calle’s passionate voice bringing the rich flavor to the table.

Calle Ameln’s also smart enough to add enough subtle moments of pop modernization to show he’s working on getting the full mix. His melody lines are as tight and gritty as ever, while meticulously plucked guitar lines weave together neatly alongside the vocals.

The fact that Calle steps up to the microphone with effortless poise helps matters significantly. There’s character and unique personality bleeding through every single line, and it does wonders to making Ameln a compelling performer.

Of course the lyricism is genuinely heartfelt and perfectly framed.  Calle is an expressive vocalist that can conjure the imagery of aching pain, deep melodrama, and subversive grit. Sometimes all at once. Beyond his undoubted talent as a singer, Calle Ameln also proves himself an impressively creative songwriter.

One can’t help but admire his honest lyrics, telling a nostalgic, sentimental tale. “Broken Bottle” is studiously well-crafted and buoyed by the top organic tools of the trade, framing Calle’s booming, bracing baritone, in raw sentiment.

Through it all, at the end of the day, the defining characteristic of Calle Ameln’s music is his voice. It’s deep and rich, and has the ability to leap to higher octaves, keeping the listener on their toes. On each release, Calle elevates his craft, truly seeking to separate himself from the crowd of contemporaries and peers stationed in his lane. He certainly has the right kind of appeal to be at the top of the ladder.

If you love Country Rock, Americana, or simply, just music with the talent, intellect, and heart to back it up, you’ll need to hear “Broken Bottle” when it arrives. Don’t forget to follow Calle Ameln on Spotify to get a notification once the track is out. His kind of talent, tends to stand out in a crowd.



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