Calle Ameln: “Hit Me In The Face”- extending his creative music muscle more than ever

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Everything that singer-songwriter Calle Ameln does is awesome, and his reworking of a 2014 Swedish pop hit by Thomas Stenström , is no different to the results he has achieved with his previously released original music! Calle translated the song infusing his own personal meaning into the lyric. “Hit Me In The Face” is a love song in which the narrator finds success when everyone has doubted him, except the woman who has supported and believed in him all along. Hence he feels he owes that success to her, and asks himself the question: “Can this really be true?” Calle is a gifted artist who just keeps getting better and better. He reaches towards his Americana and Country influences to deliver a song that sounds inspiring and deep.

A dynamic melody, an infectious mid-tempo hand-clapping rhythm, reverberating vocals, and heaps of chanting harmony, for the most part adorn the sonic elements that fit perfectly with this sweet, but energetic ode to the lady in the song. Despite its well-worn formula, it has more than enough interesting sonic landscape to keep things going, and Calle’s rich signature vocals furbishes a comfortable cushion for the song to hang on to.

“Hit Me In The Face” is plainly the result of Calle Ameln extending his creative music muscle more than ever. The thematic and melodic progressions in his reworking of the song sound just right, both fitting into his comfort zone, and offering something new and innovative every step of the way.

The sound is gentle and persuasive in the verses, and big and bold in the choruses, but somehow always managing to leave plenty of room for Calle’s superb and sublime vocal skills, and of course, keeping the song’s arrangement sufficiently radio-friendly.

“Hit Me In The Face” is an update on Calle Ameln’s typical style of Country and Americana with a pop flair, this time presented in a form of a reworked cover song. At the end of the day, there is no doubt in my mind that Calle will do well with this song. It should generate plenty of interest, and attract many new listeners to his brand of music.

Keeping his focus on the Nashville sound is no mean feat for a Swedish artist with a back ground in hard rock and metal. The fact that he took on the challenge of reworking a cover song, shows that Calle is open to new sounds and ideas which is just improving him as an artist.

The single, “Hit Me In The Face” is filled with plenty of pleasant surprises – not least the blend of rock and electronic flavors in the music arrangement. The biggest one, though, is how high Calle Ameln continues to raise his ambitions on each new release and then delivers impressively on them!


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