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Cody Daniel’s first performance playing guitar was in 2008 at his senior talent show. “I didn’t sing because I was too shy,” he says. Cody has since been motivated to continue to grow in music, and determined to find his niche. After attempting to from different genres of bands with friends, Cody realized he had a difficult time compromising his creative side with other people. His musical vision was so clear, that he decided to embark on a solo venture. Now, completely in charge of the production of his music and visuals, Cody Daniel brings us his single “Breaking Away”. His vocal prowess, lyrical maturity and all round musicianship is evident throughout the track.

It would be easy to overlook Cody Daniel as a trendy pop artist whose fans are likely to be teenage girls, but as we continue to see, this is one of the most powerful demographics in the entire world. Hence for him this would be nothing less than an outright advantage. Cody is the future, and I don’t mean that hyperbolically. He’s aware, and knows so much about what he wants to do with his music.

It’s thrilling to see someone with so much potential finding himself as an artist, and to see how he embraces his sincerity and earnestness. The track’s authenticity is extremely transparent. Cody led with his heart on his sleeve and didn’t look back. “Breaking Away” follows a mid-tempo formula, but it manages to retain all the natural emotion that Cody is able to place in his vocals.

The artist’s sound is made for modern radio: a mix of electro pop and indie flourishes with liberal use of percussion, a rumbling bass and vocal harmonies. The simplicity of the style leaves room for both good and bad raw emotion to blossom.

The month of August is turning into a banner one for underground single releases from young, good-looking, sensitive pop singer-songwriters blessed with awesome falsettos. Cody Daniel’s style is one that is not obsolete.

In a world with plenty one-man headliners with a guitar and fun beats, it is important to differentiate yourself. Cody does just this by proving to be vocally and instrumentally in tune with the times. Another thing to praise Cody for is how relatable his music is. His storytelling is wildly genuine.

“Breaking Away” describes the need to get out of a poisonous relationship and the usual daily grind. It proves that Cody is in the same league as many of his peers; capable of writing emotional lyrics whilst completely capturing the audience with the melody.

Moreover he shows that he can croon soulfully and work a song better than most. Suffice it to say, Cody Daniel is a talent on the rise. On the rise to where? Only time will tell, as he divides his time between singing and acting, but this record, seems to be another step in the right musical direction for this multi-talented artist.


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