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D-NamX is an artist from El Paso, TX is a self-taught artist diligently working on creating a new sound in the world of EDM/House. Though D-NamX has been an artist for several years he was unable to release any of his own music until recently due to his time in the Navy. The 12 years he spent there however, was valuable in that he was able to travel extensively gaining valuable experience and insight of different styles of music from around the world. D-NamX dropped his first release came in 2019 entitled “Lucid Intervals”, which was composed and released entirely while he was deployed at sea.

Following the release of the album, D-NamX was diagnosed and underwent surgery for a brain tumor. During his time in the hospital, he persevered to compose and release his EP “Just Dance” as well as his second full length album “Daydream”. Dealing with the torment of the healing process D-NamX has continuously worked to release several EP’s and Singles. He currently brings us his single, “Freedom”.

EDM, like most genres, is an acquired taste, and can become repetitive with the usual, build up, drop and diva vocal standard. Not so with D-NamX, as he unloads the bass all over your face in this welcomed instrumental electronic release.

D-NamX goes into his bag of tricks and creates an enlightening, uplifting and varied soundscape. One can imagine this fiery anthemic-styled track being played on any dance floor across the globe.

This orgasmic ear candy is built on a powerhouse drumbeat and euphoric synths that soar through the roof. Things get seriously real on this track when the adrenaline-pumping basslines make your ears grow wings and fly.

D-NamX brings the bass power, energy, and synth progressions on this track from beginning to end. “Freedom” couldn’t have been arranged, mixed and produced any better than it is. It’s running on overdrive.

“Freedom” is a high octane sonic landscape that also delivers a heavy dose of melody. The swell of the track is nothing short of cinematic, and quickly tells us we are dealing with an electronic creative who knows how to build up some serious dance-floor heat.

Although heavy and affected, the beat stays buoyant, choppy and full of that epic edge electronic fans love so much. “Freedom” is all-encompassing, inspirational and uplifting, but never overwhelming

“Freedom” develops a sweeping, cosmic style as it moves along. D-NamX has managed to magically manipulate any possible abrasive sounds into something beautiful and dynamic. The energy D-NamX extracted into this piece sprouts off the speakers, runs through the listener’s body and lifts the hair on the back of the neck.

This track showcases the hugely imaginative and inspiring talent of D-NamX. Listen to “Freedom” over and over again during an all-night session with your friends, until the coming of a new dawn. You won’t get tired of this stimulating and pristine EDM track.


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