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Listening to the single “Drive”, is a whole different and beyond glorious experience. Singer and songwriter, Damian Sage really outdoes himself with this one. The record, tugs at my heartstrings in the best and most beautiful gut-wrenching ways. I can feel the emotion as he sings each and every lyric. Released through Dark Spark Music, a record label headed by former Guns N Roses manager, and Grammy Award winner, Vicky Hamilton, “Drive” certainly gives me the chills each time listen to it. The two simple opening lines deliver the kind of powerful imagery most lyricists strive most of their lives to write: “If you’re gonna steal from me, steal my breath. And if you’re gonna take something, take my hand.”

Damian’s music is always full and with a depth of emotions unmatched. This particular song has the same dramatic and haunting music coupled with lyrics indicative of a man who is looking for a love adventure with a very special person: “March to my own drummer most of the time. But the spell that I’m under puts a new rhythm to my rhyme. Strands of your sun kissed hair glow like an amber sky. And I know we can catch the wind if we just try.”

If you have become accustomed to some of Damian’s previous dark reflections on life, you may find “Drive” refreshing lyrically, and you are certain to dive deep into the melody and rich warmth of the accompanying instrumentation.

However, having said that, Damian Sage is known to be a lyrical wizard and his use of metaphors is by now notorious. So while we’re daydreaming about love and a girl, the narrator could be cleverly alluding to some other attraction or tempting fascination.

This time, however, I’ll go with face-value contemplation. Damian keeps rising to the bar that he continually sets for himself, and this work is another treasure to be savored, no matter how you interpret its meaning. Each word is sung like the weight of his world depends on it. His voice beams with resonating ambience, as the piano, the strings, and percussion follow suit.

“Drive” feels raw, it feels intimate, but bold in its sentiments. The song, flaunting Damian Sage’s grasp of emotions, gradually builds to a full-band crescendo, complete with a gnarly electric guitar riffs neatly packed into the arrangement. At three minutes and thirty four seconds, the song has all the time necessary to allow the melody enough space to gather poignancy.

And when you’ve got a pure voice and aim for vocal nuancing like Damian, it all becomes deeply affecting. Hauntingly intimate, yet intensely epic – “Drive” moves from steady piano chords to swelling magnificence.

When songs are this good, this heartfelt and this perfectly crafted, they’re hard to ignore. It’s impossible to listen to “Drive” without being genuinely moved. Damian Sage’s music has always had a cinematic-like quality, but this latest single takes that aesthetic to a whole new level. Damian delivers something that ignites and burns directly in your heart.


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