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DasMeter is an American music duo, consisting of step-brothers Darren (Keyboard, Drums) and Michael (Guitar, Vocals). With both brothers having a long love for music, their collaboration started in early 2014 after sharing some of their song ideas.

DasMeter’s style is a hybrid of electronica, rock, and post rock and is influenced by a diverse range of artists such as Calvin Harris, Skrillex, The Walkmen, Joy Division, Explosions in the Sky, and more. Their debut electro-hardcore single “Mercury” was released in late May of 2015.

dasmeter-coverI’m always looking for new and exciting bands because what mainstream media exposes us to is just a joke. Within the first listen to DasMeter, I was blown away by the diversity and talent of this duo. It’s almost like someone knew what I was looking for and created a band in a genetics lab.

They incorporate so many different styles of music without it sounding frayed and jumpy. You can tell they’re doing what they love because they’re passionate about their message and its delivery. Forget genres, clichés, or whatever. DasMeter is a whole new beast that plays by a whole new set of rules. And “Mercury” is the testament to that.

Dub-step sounds overlap pounding drumming while crunchy guitars and shimmering synths carry the epic central theme. “Mercury” is an aggressive beat-driven, angst filled anthem. It just gets your blood boiling.  It has everything. Heavy guitars, drums and synths turn to a dance beat then morph again and again throughout the song. I can listen to this over and over again.

There’s something very special and genuine about DasMeter and this debut single. I absolutely love the message and the heart behind this song. To me this is a perfect crossover instrumental and alternative-electro sound. I cannot see a single flaw with it. Sure, if you really wanted to, you could add a Depeche Mode-type vocal to it. But that’s a matter of pure personal taste. As a standalone instrumental it rocks just the same!

I’m not going to compare DasMeter with any other band out there because I think they belong in a league all of their own. I found “Mercury” to be gripping, engaging, and refreshing. The whole track is wonderfully crafted and never feels monotonous, which is a great achievement for an instrumental track!


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