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Pop and Dance are those categories on streaming platforms suspiciously full of those made up artists who aren’t really artists: easy to do, it’s much more difficult to do well. Sometimes when committing to record, a stream of ideas which sound great in the booth of the mind, don’t work out as good on record or on the dancefloor. Not so for Socoliuc Andrei Marian and Shot Records, who turn out hit-sounding records in continuation with the project DEEPSYSTEM. Everything their latest track “Mr. Lonely”, is on the money, needle deep in the groove, and so rhythmically centered, it almost seems wrong to break away from listening to it.

The track is another tropical-styled mid-tempo banger from DEEPSYSTEM. A more relaxed, feet-up-on-the-sofa groove, where the music floats mellifluously over seductive keys, with DEEPSYSTEM’s lilting, expertly treated vocals a heartfelt map with romantic directions, while going up through the gears effortlessly. “They call me Mr. Lonely. My heart is yours and truly. I’ll never find another one like you, like you. Every day that passes by. I am sinking, don’t know why. But I know it’s you. That will get me to. Our lovely rendezvous.”

“Mr. Lonely” a warm, honest and heartfelt musical contour which gives those with the mic in hand a beautiful platform to bounce right off. And this time around DEEPSYSTEM has the support of an additional female voice in the form of Donnoya Drake who soulfully launches the track in the opening bars and then fills out the spaces behind DEEPSYSTEM moving forward through the arrangement.

DEEPSYSTEM brings groovy heat and puts himself in the running for single of the year with “Mr. Lonely”. The DNA found at the core of all DEEPSYSTEM projects is here, but even better and smoother. You will hear his signature keys, the tasteful percussion, and the enchanting melody.

Most of all, his love of Latin rhythms is still center stage. Whether you’re feeling like some dancing or chill listening, this track is versatile enough to cater to both, the late night fervor of the club, and the intimacy of headphones.

In “Mr. Lonely”, DEEPSYSTEM is not trying to prove anything. He’s already on the map, with a sound few others can match in Europe, and DEEPSYSTEM consistently makes it look like light work.

Within the first 30 seconds of “Mr. Lonely”, you are bopping your head to the groovy sonics DEEPSYSTEM so effortlessly assembles. The singer absolutely kills this beat with a scintillating chorus of collaged vocals and affecting lyricism. It’s a galaxy of chords, synths, and basslines that forces your body into motion.

Overall, “Mr. Lonely” beautifully combines the euphoric energy of Latin dance music with R&B, Pop and hip-hop in a way that is hypnotizing and unprecedented. The track should receive an abundance of praise from fans and critics alike, for its thoughtful construction and irresistible feel.

“Mr. Lonely” is immediately enthralling. You’ll find yourself in aural heaven from start to finish because the track is full of unwavering groove. The track is supported by an official video edited by Socoliuc Andrei Marian and shot by Alexandra C. (



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