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Over the past few years, the alt-country band Six Time Losers has performed all over the Southeast with acts like Gary Allan, David Allan Coe, American Aquarium and more. Playing a decidedly unique brand of Americana that draws from Blues, Folk, Country and Classic Rock, the band is getting ready to release their upcoming album, “Only First Names Die”, due November 12th. In the meantime, the collective, made up of Butch Wisdom (Guitar/Lead Vox), Otis Lee Miller (Bass/Vox), Lester McFly (Lead Guitar/Vox), Dayglo Red (Pedal Steel), Tom Pearce (Drums) and Warren Forest (Sax) have released the single “What’s Left”.

“I brought a verse and chorus to a co-writing session with Butch and Weston,” explained Otis Lee Miller. “Butch said, ‘This may sound crazy, but I’ve already got the second verse, and music for that song.’ He set my verse and chorus to his melody, and What’s Left was done,” concluded Otis.

So, it should come as no surprise that the track sounds so smooth, vibrant, and spontaneous. On “What’s Left”, Six Time Losers captivate with a bounty of vocal riffs, catchy hooks, inspired playing, and creative lyrics.

The song is the star here, but undoubtedly the quality of the song is greatly enhanced by the individual performances. This is a group with who understand the importance of melody, harmony and rhythm.

They know how to harness the power of a song, or let it run when it needs to breath and expand. And for all its rich instrumentation, “What’s Left”, is fundamentally uncluttered and clean, with just enough grit and drive to hold your attention throughout.

On top of the resonant music, the vocals swagger and soar. The lead melody is delivered in a straightforward manner with different voices joining in at select moments for embellishment.

The crunchy electric guitars, along with the bass, pedal steel, sax, and drums take over at times to move the song forward. This perfectly captures and enhances the tune’s lyrical concerns. There is a real feel of togetherness on “What’s Left” which is reflected in the vocals and instruments.

“What’s Left” is a sweet and glorious synthesis of all the best elements of Americana music of our time, and even from some time before that. It is the sound of a group finding fresh and stimulating ways to keep being themselves, as they maintain the credibility of Americana at a high level in the underground scene.

“What’s Left” succeeds at proving the band is more than a simple assemblage of talented players. Their tenacious cohesiveness adding to the sentiment embodied in every note and nuance.

By expanding the different members’ contributions and embracing their influences,  in both looking forward and looking back, “What’s Left” expands Six Time Losers appeal and musical integrity, reaching out to a wider  audience while not moving away from their Americana roots.

The track really is a tasty mixture, seasoned with detectable influences. Moreover, “What’s Left” is well-crafted and the production is top-notch.  This one is highly recommended.

“What’s Left” is available on all platforms NOW! For more info follow Six Time Losers at and find them on Facebook at

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