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The fast-rising Pop and R&B star from India, Mallika Mehta aka the Adele of Mumbai, has been delivering a steady supply of hit singles over the last couple of years, and now on October 15th, she brings us her brand new song that she co-wrote with Liya Todd & Bella Elysee, called “Bling & Pictures”. The song came about when Mallika was chosen as one of 40 students selected from all round the world for a songwriting course at NYU in 2019. There she met with up Liya and Bella, and the three got to writing the song. Mallika later decided to sing and release the song, as she was in love with it, and wanted the song to reach the world.

The track recorded at WIBE Studio – and produced, mixed & mastered by Aasa Singh – is also infused with hip-hop flavors, to add yet another shining facet to Mallika’s already gem-like sound. On this track the singer-songwriter elevates her status as a pop music touchstone, referencing the divas before her and leading the way for those to come with fearless, intoxicating charm.

The singer’s newest release is fun, free-spirited and empowered, as it captures Mallika Mehta delivering honest, down to earth lines about the passionate relationship she has with her craft. Moreover she explains exactly why she is doing what she does.

“I chose to be a singer because I breathe music and not just for the bling and pictures,” explains Mallika. And when you listen to her music, you’ll hear that sentiment ring all the way through it. For newcomers looking to acquaint themselves with Mallika Mehta’s universe, look no further than “Bling & Pictures”.

The song is driven by a grooving rhythm section with satisfyingly swinging keyboard lines to match.  On top of all this, the subtly jangling guitar adds a jazzy feel, while the banging drums increase the allure of the song. Make no mistake, though.  The real treat here is Mallika Mehta’s performance.

She sounds completely at ease over the song’s deliberate tempo as she alternates between her usual mellifluous crooning and sing-rapping. Mallika rises to the occasion and more than matches the song’s allure, every step of the way.

The music is eloquently put together, with pop and hip-hop patterns providing a rich backdrop. This brings out Mallika Mehta’s earthy, sultry and resonant tones. Mallika has one of those super distinctive voices that stands out as soon as you hear it.

And like most good singer-songwriters, Mallika turns a simple concept into a work of art with the right vocal phrasing. She sounds better than ever on “Bling & Pictures”, and artistically, she’s never been more in tune with her mission as a storyteller.

The chords progressions are also crafted to perfection on “Bling & Pictures” to let Mallika Mehta’s voice glide effortlessly through the song. The purity of the musical hues, reflect the genuine spirit of the lyrics, while the depth of the song reveals a level of understanding and optimism. Mallika has once again gifted us with a song that reminds us she is a very good singer indeed.

MORE ABOUT: Mallika Mehta aka the Adele of Mumbai is a multilingual singer-songwriter and performer. She believes in telling stories through the songs she writes. Stories one can feel, connect and heal with. Mallika has opened for well-known Bollywood artists like Kailash Kher and Shankar Ehsaan and Loy.

Mallika is an alumna of Berklee College of Music, Harvard University, NYU and Kellogg University where she studied Music, Songwriting and Marketing. Mallika has released an English EP and 4 hit singles till date. (Evolve: The Story of Her, Way Too Long, Kahan Hai Tu, Kaafi & Keh Bhi De). She has been featured by leading media both nationally and internationally.


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