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There’s certainly no shortage of confidence the track “Rendez-Vous”, as singer DEEPSYSTEM sounds engaged and in step with current pop and dance trends on this smooth and relentless Reggaeton flavored beat. DEEPSYSTEM’s EDM shtick has always been endearingly emphatic and his effervescent presence ensures that this electro-groove nugget seeps into your ears. The singer’s sexy take on romance is quite something, as he lays down seductive poetic lines to get his message across. In a world of club styled Reggaeton hits, DEEPSYSTEM thinks differently and smartly. His track is less brash and aggressive, but surprisingly romantic at times, casting the artist as a kind of sensitive macho with his finger on the pulse of the street.

With tight production and an enviable beat, DEEPSYSTEM sets us up for an evocative journey. This will definitely get your motor running, as right off the bat you are hit with a stunning and sultry sonic. DEEPSYSTEM is an artist who provides fans with being a relatable everyday contemporary master of his trade.

Providing his fans with a plethora of releases of the years. His performances and songs brings with it a personal standout identity. With his latest project, “Rendez-Vous”, the prolific artist hits us with the kind of maturity, and sensibility that only comes seasoned craftsmen. It’s clear that he is ready to make yet another musical statement and this track delivers all the noise.

“Rendez-Vous”, with music and lyrics by Andrei Socoliuc aka DEEPSYSTEM, was orchestrated, mixed and mastered by Andrei Murariu. The track contains immediate playback value and contains electronic elements and his niche bounciness which provide a deep texture to the song.

The highs of this project prevail in the one-two punch of DEEPSYSTEM style of singing and the tasteful use of the percussion and bass in the beat. DEEPSYSTEM’s music is a refreshing sound coming out of Romania. Not many are creating the dynamic range of music DEEPSYSTEM has been releasing over the last couple of years. And he has no problem switching languages from track to track.

Last year he was riding high with the English language, EDM/Pop crossover banger, “Born 2 Love You”. Now we find him grooving on a Reggaeton beat, while crooning in Spanish. Moreover DEEPSYSTEM proves with sheer writing and performing talent, on “Rendez-Vous”, that Reggaeton can be sentimental and sexy without being cheap and lurid, even if the lyrics are risqué.

This sets him above the pack, breaking away from the genre’s tired themes and its assembly-line sound. By oscillating between styles on his releases, DEEPSYSTEM melds his seemingly scattershot sensibilities into a cohesive package, all while using the tools he has at his disposal: a great singing voice that is both controlled and vulnerable, an ear for song structure, and a mastery of the beat, which continues to play a starring role in many of his compositions.

The style and compositional choices DEEPSYSTEM makes on each of his subsequent releases are slowly transforming him from a promising talent to a future potential star.


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