Junior Turner: “All that matters” bridges the gap between Country and Pop

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The frequently nominated, and multiple award winning Junior Turner, needs no introduction to our audiences. The recording artist from Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne, in the UK, has graced our pages on numerous occasions, and on each subsequent record release. Turner has just dropped his latest single, entitled “All that matters”, in the wake of his victorious participation at the International Singer Songwriters Association Awards in Dawsonville Georgia, USA, on Saturday 3rd August 2019. Junior picked up “Best Male Vocalist” from thousands of nominees. I have long become a fan of his and believe he is one of the more genuine and talented pop artists today. He has quickly amassed a string of indie hits, and will certainly have more. As is promised by this latest single.

For Junior Turner, demonstrating current pop fluency and a connection with the sturdy contributions of Country and Americana has become inclusive propositions. Turner is quickly emerging as serious crossover contender. On “All that matters”, the singer and songwriter proves himself to be an astute student of the genres’ trends and conventions.

Turner easily bridges the gap between Country and Pop with his grasp of song craft, and his instinct for humanizing songs with his sturdy vocal performances. He has by now found a template for channeling a distinct persona into every aspect of his creative and performing processes.

The fact that Junior Turner is getting somewhere step by step, at a time when most pop stars are held to muscle-toned, overly-groomed photo-shopped standards, is a sign that the success of a burly male singer like Turner is creating a space for performers whose appeal isn’t predicated on easily packaged heartthrob potential.

Junior Turner projects a lot of other qualities that have been largely missing from the mainstream of late, like hearty emotionalism, and earthy, honest wit. Over and above the pure technical talent of course, as he combines the modern elements of pop with a sprinkle of country trends. With the release of his latest release, Turner is gearing towards another triumphant year.

Thirty seconds is all it takes on “All that matters”, for Junior Turner to capture your attention. Showing that he is multiple times better, and more competent, at making enjoyable country-pop music than a dozen other too-tanned-and-too-manufactured dudes. This is a tenderhearted love song where Turner lays his sentimental cards openly on the table.

The songwriting is perfect, pulling the heartstrings, thus creating a vision of this tender, albeit uplifting declaration that’s taking place between the singer and the apple of his eye. Junior Turner is an outstanding performer, whether intimate and demonstrating vulnerability, or soaring relentlessly across an energetic anthem.

The UK has been fortunate enough to enjoy Junior Turner on his well-deserved rise through the ranks. As Turner’s star burns brighter and the narrative shifts toward him being a breath of fresh air for crossover pop and country music, it will be interesting to see where this path leads him next. If any up and coming independent artist has what it takes to build a big, broad, generation-spanning audience, it’s Junior Turner.

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