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Dexx Almighti is gearing up for busy 2019. Recently back from the studio, he drops his latest track, “Déjà vu”. Here the promising young talent displays in under four minutes, exactly where modern day rap is headed. A twinkly trap beat with lots of catchy hooks make up one of his best songs to date. It’s a short, sweet and rather captivating introduction to the rapper who is clearly comfortably set in his own style. This is a positive way in which Almighti contributes to the progression of new age hip-hop and especially rap that exists on the internet. When explaining the track Almighti details how his recent relationship inspired the single stating, “I looked at my last relationship and realized that the back and forth was truly Deja Vù and I used my emotions as fuel and my pen as my protection!”

Like most modern rappers, Dexx Almighti is based off cool vibes and is essentially hypnotic as he rolls out his beast swag rap. Though laidback, he maintains a steady delivery that will impress a large realm of listeners. What the first play through might not showcase right away is that Almighti, in a wildly unorthodox way, encourages being proactive.

A large part of this project’s success is also due to the soundscape Almighti gets the opportunity to glide across. While maintaining a dreamy electronic sound, the production is polished and complete.

Not only does he balance the harmonious slow burning trap sounds but cuts the beat with a creative edge that subconsciously perks up one’s ears. Hi-hats, a booming bassline and eerie keys are used as intricate layers to build the rapper’s quickly developing signature sound.

Unlike many of his modern rap peers, there is far more to this rapper than good beats and emotional lyrics. Firstly, Dexx Almighti manages to be an entertaining force on this piece. Almighti’s delivery is always smooth, almost sung, and nearly spoken, complementing the flawless production and mirroring the less-is-more approach of the music.

Ultimately, the track is undeniably likable. While it comfortably fits the mold of the modern melodic styled label, it is also atmospheric enough to change the minds of staunch hip-hop purists. The opening bars immediately stand out, providing Dexx Almighti with a platform to demonstrate his chops as a serious rapper while creating an authentic, unique sound for himself.

Above all, “Déjà vu” serves to solidify the young rapper’s brand by telling us all this, and more. It doesn’t seek to break any ground or do more than it needs to, but it exudes the character and will to tell us where modern hip hop is heading.

Dexx Almighti’s music isn’t just a celebration of diligence and endurance; it’s about knowing where you’ve come from and loving you’re going. Classic values are obviously at the core of his craft: hard work, sacrifice, and persistence. If there’s anything new in Almighti’s toolset, it’s his level of confidence.


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