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“Wild Bitch” is a track from an upcoming album titled DROPGODS 3. The single is produced by Canadian DON DADA, and performed by local songstress KYILAH. Both producer and singer don’t simply thinks outside the box, they smash it to pieces, as they present us with one of the most explosive and intriguing crossover Hip-hop/R&B releases of the year. We should hardly be surprised, as DON DADA always demonstrates a precocious talent for confounding expectations which can be heard on tracks as disparate as “No Red Lights” and “Facetime”.

Musically and thematically, however, “Wild Bitch” serves as a perfect companion to the aforementioned tracks. More lyrically provocative, sexually brash, and stylistically eclectic than its creatively-oriented for-bearers, the single is decidedly reveling in sonic detours and dizzying vocal deliveries – between raps and soulful crooning.

“Wild Bitch” pulls off an impressive trick — a confrontational rap record that also manages to be one of the year’s most accessible and melodically pleasing songs. The complete dominance over the sonic space, between voice and music, reinforces the song as a product of a collaboration born out of singular vision.

DON DADA unleashes skittering drums, synth-bass growls, and dynamically warm pads, all while KYILAH alternates between maddeningly alluring sing-song vocals and a characteristically understated, laid-back, but venomous flow. It all blends together in a musical tableau as captivating and vibrantly stimulating as a ride on a roller-coaster in slow-motion.

While other rappers may have to cede hook-slinging responsibilities to the likes of other capable singers, KYILAH sings her own melodies, never having to surrender the mic. She is a versatile artist in love with intricate polyrhythms, empowerment and temptation – one whose promise permeates her phrasing and whose delivery can move from laser sharp rap to raspy croon on the turn of a bar.

KYILAH delivers a one-woman showcase of both her verbal ability, mellifluous talents and her ability to perfectly interpret the producer’s mindset. Taken as a whole — and heard loudly with great focus — “Wild Bitch” confirms KYILAH potential, and her great reflexes in collaboration with DON DADA.

The producer’s ability, on the other hand, to mix all the elements and make it all into something cohesive and catchy is phenomenal. Backing up the wistful vocals, with the barest injection of bass, keys and percussion, DON DADA manages to craft a track far beyond the sum of its parts.

In fact throughout “Wild Bitch”, DON DADA’s strength is doing so much with so little. He doesn’t require, not utilizes all the bombast, bells and whistles of his contemporaries, to create a track with vibe and groove. DON DADA’s efficient production stylings shine through brightly in support of KYILAH vocals, and giving her plenty of room to breathe.

“Wild Bitch” is culled from DON DADA’s deep understanding of music, past and present. It informs us on what we need to know about his capabilities – and as a step in his fascinating evolution, as one of the year’s most exciting producers.



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