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Kidd Clxoud’s inspiration comes from growing up in a small town where they have a music history. People that inspire him include, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, his family, his friend, and some of the old R&B Pop legends. Currently at the beginning of his musical journey, Kidd Clxoud started out in 2019 and has progressed into dropping the single “S-E-R-E-N-A”. The track is laced with elements that can be classified as retro to some extent, as well modern synth pop transcendence. The singer then sends his breezy, psychedelic falsetto over the top, as the funky jangle of strumming guitars and a dance rhythm drives the arrangement forward. A sensual sound attached to the song provides a groovy and smooth feel to the track, which disguises a subtle melancholic twist in the melody.

Kidd Clxoud is unrelenting in his forward trajectory by shape-shifting his sound within the arrangement as he moves from verse to chorus. Kidd Clxoud’s pop music world is an unconventional one not only because of his talent, but because of his image and persona.

Musically and thematically, he projects a sound and image that is different from the direction his peers and contemporaries are going in. This showcases a bold and singular vision from an artist searching for his own sound, niche and dimension.

By the time the song is over, Kidd Clxoud’s aspirations for the track are clear. It’s hard to imagine anyone one else in the current scene packing this sound into their catalog. Kidd Clxoud is bringing us an aesthetic that comes from a different, eclectic, and creative era in pop.

His writing and falsetto-filled singing voice separates him from more generic pop singers and songwriters out there now. Kidd Clxoud eloquently presents his unique version of future pop lined with a touch of romance, mischief and enchantment in “S-E-R-E-N-A”, which results in a thrill-inducing dance-floor jam.

I think even the biggest critics of typical pop music might find themselves accidentally jamming along to this song, as it presents a contrast to the mainstream hustle. This funky driven track has a super simple, but tasty bass line that feels like it will make its way to your summer poolside party.

The background vocals are also perfectly singalong hypnotic, and the middle break down could make most women set aside their troubles to grab you for a dance before exploding into the soulful and glistening last chorus and outro.

The sounds are glamorous, the melodic vocals shimmer and the beat sticks deep in your bones on “S-E-R-E-N-A”. The bouncy rhythm is reminiscent of a blend between Daft Punk and Michael Jackson, the latter being a noticeable influence on Kidd Clxoud. With groovy vibes and high pitched vocals, the singer knows exactly how to pull in a certain type of listener and keep them locked and engaged.

Plotting to make leaps and bounds in the world of Pop and R&B crossover, Kidd Clxoud seems to know exactly what he wants to be doing when it comes to his music. Anything but conventional, the first obvious lesson he has learned, is to carve out his own lane. The second is, to love his fans!


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