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When everything clicks, as on the single, “Through it All, I Hope You’ll Wait for Me”, the wonderfully infectious audacity of Dylan Beresford’s post-rock progression is rather intoxicating. The fearless guitar riffs, warm sonic washes and slinking-then- slapping beat, melds beautifully with his intertwining melodies, resulting in something that feels genuinely new and exciting. From pastel to propulsion, Beresford alternates his arrangement with the grandeur and sensitivity of a great sound designer.

That flourishing of Dylan Beresford’s ambition, is heartening to witness here, in the form of an impressively persuasive song. “Through it All, I Hope You’ll Wait for Me” is a fine example of the artist’s security in what he knows how to do best, and his confidence in bringing these skills to this venture.

This is an entirely instrumental score, and requires a great balance of restraint and creativity. Too much of one or the other is what usually renders this kind of music overwhelming or flat out boring.

“Through it All, I Hope You’ll Wait for Me” is atmospheric, enveloping and perfectly contrasting. The composition is filled with sentiments of yearning and melancholy, as well as expectation and fortitude. It invades the mind and fills the soul.

The notes build upon one another, creating alternating waves of highly emotional and then contemplative sounds. The song is an all-embracing sensory experience, an ambitious composition by a post-rock artist, carried out flawlessly.

“Through it All, I Hope You’ll Wait for Me” will have a way of extracting listeners from a static existence and allow them to get lost in both the elegance and powerful flow of the music. A lot can be said about post-rock, but Dylan Beresford has shown us how great the genre can be when all the excesses and masturbatory meandering have been eliminated. Unless of course that’s your thing as a genre-purist.

Beresford’s take on the genre is dynamic and monotony-free. It is, to my mind, specifically meant for the masses, and ironically will do much more to entice listeners towards post-rock, than many of the genre’s pretentious peers do.  When the instruments get to the peak of each build-up, on “Through it All, I Hope You’ll Wait for Me”, the guitars ignite and the song comes alive, hitting you with everything it has.

This happens after 60 seconds, not 6 minutes, by which time the song is long gone and finished. That is the brilliance of Dylan Beresford’s composition. He is able to condensate an epic narrative into a concise arrangement that somehow never undersells its grand ambition.

That’s almost unheard of in post-rock and a feather in Beresford’s compositional cap. “Through it All, I Hope You’ll Wait for Me” could make anyone a post-rock fan, especially the ones who consider it “boring”.

“Through it All, I Hope You’ll Wait for Me” isn’t just about what you hear, it’s about what you feel as well. Everyone will have their own experience when listening to this track, but it won’t take more than one listen to understand how powerful it is. Dylan Beresford is in his own lane, and he is just getting started. Who knows where his talent, and technical skill, will take him next.


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