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Born and raised in Houston TX, and currently residing in Miami FL, Mr.C was a precocious talent who has been doing music since 3 or 4 Years old. At 11 he already decided he wanted to be an artist and began writing music and freestyling. Mr.C has since gone on to performing across the U.S. in many prestigious shows and concerts, including opening for Bun B Trill OG of UGK and Paul Wall. He has also released a series of recording projects – from singles to EPs and albums, via BossMade Recordz, which can be found on all major digital download platforms. His latest release is the 6 track EP “I Got Tha Bluez”, which is thoroughly tinged with and old school soul and reggae feel.

Mr.C pours all his emotions into his latest EP, as he effortlessly blends striking hip hop beats with his signature soulful croon and gritty verses. Firing up the recording, “Way I Move”, takes a deep, longing beat that pulses and pounds as Mr.C vocals soar above it all in this impacting tune, and it’s only a taste of what’s to come. As he proudly exclaims, “Can’t be nobody but me. Don’t care about what a nigga say about me.” This quickly puts his self-empowering mindset into perspective.

This leads you into the epic track, “Wat U Ask For” ft. Samurai Si. “Just watch what you ask for, because somebody might just give it to you,” sings Mr.C, his voice slightly confrontational, before Samurai Si slides in with a smooth rap verse to round the track off. There is a clever pairing of song narratives here, as “Wat U Need” comes to the fore. And you can pick it up straight off the opening lines. “You can’t always get what you want, but you can get what you need.”

The track is raw, with a burning passion that radiates from the back and forth of the vocals, while the chemistry of the juxtaposed voices is incredibly striking.  By the time you press play on “Play Da Fool” ft. Samurai Si, it becomes clear that the powerful cry in Mr.C’s voice is unstoppable. It would sound passionate and visceral even if he sang the phonebook. The soundscape here is a thing of grandeur, big band strings and horns.

“Wat U See” encompasses rich textural elements, taking sweet key strokes and pairing them with a vibrant beat and rhythmic groove, as a backdrop for Mr.C’s raw vocals, and Samurai Si’s Caribbean flavored rhymes.

This thing bangs really hard. But the best is yet to come if you like dramatic slow burners.  With a voice unshakable and unmistakable; Mr.C’s singing has the power to disintegrate and melt an entire arctic glacier, which is what he sets out to do on “Cold World”.

The message in this track is universal, as Mr.C consciously scrutinizes the pitiful state of our evolving world. “This world is so crazy. Babies raising babies. I don’t know what’s going on, but things going wrong in this cold, cold world.”

All throughout the song, Mr.C depicts a world changing, albeit for the worse, but is quick to note that as far as skin color and racial discrimination goes, nothing ever changes. This for me, is the best track on the EP, both in its message, and in its superb execution.

“I Got Tha Bluez” sounds purposely old-school and thoroughly modern – a tricky maneuver precious few achieve, much less sustain for an entire project. Mr.C pulls it off because the grit of his voice transcends time, style and genre.

All tracks produced by P.A On The Track, except “Wat U Ask For” produced by MoonBang.

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