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The album “Pray On” is as brilliant, as Eddy Mann’s work consistently continues to be. If you like anything he’s done previously (which is an incredibly back catalog) you’ll love this latest 12 track recording. If you’re not familiar with Eddy, take the time to listen to his work. I don’t know of a more interesting, caring and intelligent artist. Mann’s genius, only seems to deepen with each release. Luscious organic soundscapes meet outstanding melodies that provide you with over two hands full of hopeful music. To put it simply, “Pray On” stands right at the top of Eddy Mann’s work as the most cohesive and beautiful album he’s released. Vibrant, spiritual and uplifting, this album has everything that a sense of positivity requires, and manages to combine it all seamlessly.

Eddy Mann

Combine Eddy Mann’s strong songwriting skills, and expressive, but easy on the ear vocals, with extremely articulated instrumentation, and you have the recipe for a very special album. “I’m driven to write, to record, and to perform by the opportunity to bring a smile, a light, or just a moment of peace to someone in need,” explains Eddy Mann. “That’s why I get up each day, that’s my part to play in this story, and that’s why I’ll continue to write about my experiences getting through each day.”

Such is the high standard throughout “Pray On”, it’s actually hard to single out any tracks for individual praise. The whole album is a journey and should be assessed as a whole. And that’s exactly how an album should be. There are absolutely no fillers here, every track has a purpose and leads you along the path Eddy Mann’s wants to take you down to find some inspiration, reassurance and optimism.

Right off the bat, the record gives off the vibe of having a refreshing combination electric and acoustic instrumentation. This gives “You Are Who You Are” a sweeping, dynamic, and yet intimate sound. In addition to this, the fantastic guitar playing associated with Mann’s work thankfully remains ever so intact. Eddy incorporates folk, rock, and other Americana flavors into his succulent indie potpourri, and it rings with crystalline precision on both “Listen and Love” and the resonating title track, “Pray On”.

Perhaps the biggest aspect of this album that really impresses, happens to be how it shows off all of the musical sides of Eddy Mann. Whether it be his spiritual side, his narrative side, melodic side or music arranging side, it truly is a culmination of all of Mann’s talents. This can quickly be gauged in the inspirational “Come Follow Me” and the poignant “Little Dreaming”, while “I in Them” comes to glorious fruition as a lush rock odyssey overflowing with layers of creativity.

Pray On Artwork

There are many dimensions to Eddy Man’s latest solo offering, as he introduces a wide spectrum of sounds and dynamics. Moreover, Eddy is attempting to reach a wider audience, dealing with universally human themes throughout. From the soulful “A Light Is Shining”, to the eloquent “One Day”, and the Steely Dan-type art-pop of “Awe Came Upon Their Soul”, in many ways it feels like an album that just about anyone can enjoy.

It’s Eddy Mann’s ability to fuse the ideologies of his inspirations, as well as his own concepts, in a manner that sounds both intriguing and gloriously prolific that makes this album such an alluring listen. “Midnight Harmonics”, is another meticulously composed and performed piece. All of Mann’s spontaneous musical energy serves as a kind of ascension that takes us into a much more emotive and spiritual sublimity. Such as the inspirational kind we can find in both “A Someone” and “Come, Let Us Walk”.

With the release of “Pray On”, Eddy Mann proves once again that he continues to consistently have plenty to offer those who are willing to immerse themselves into his musical world. Aside from the stimulating compositions and gorgeous production, the album also displays warm, beautiful vocal tones that will engage you forever.

“Peace lies in the heart of the believer. Calm lies in the hands of compassion. Love lies in the words of the one who’ll pray on, so pray on”PRAY ON


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