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His website reads: “EsZ – Artist from New York City uniquely known for creating timely content by blending the worlds of art and music and connecting with listeners using personal stories and relevant themes.” But that’s just the start of it. Erron aka EsZ is an eclectic artist, and cryptic storyteller. In a year that has seen a plethora of grand releases already, the bar has been raised on what it takes to stand out as many artists have begun to focus more on lyricism than just beats.

EsZ’s latest stoner-styled effort, “Plush Berry Kisses” is an achievement that does just that. A wobbly, slightly hazy affair, this is about the weed and the love you make with it, while seriously pondering events and consequences.

Throughout “Plush Berry Kisses”, EsZ uses the skills we have seen in the past while flaunting his maturing abilities. His flow, tone and voice have always been strong but his lyrical ability this time around is the strongest of his career.

This track has the distinction of being a song that will require no time to unpack and grasp. Such is the clarity of EsZ’s wordplay and flow…even when he turns up the speed dial towards the end of the track.

So while the wholesome flavor and beautiful colors of the Plushberry is moderating EsZ’s mind and body, and calming down his nerves, EsZ’s twisted tongue is sending out a list of warnings and caustic messages to his haters.

“Plush Berry Kisses” manages to be just as thoughtful as it is confrontational, while also evoking a sense of surprise with all of its extremely lyrical moments. It’s refreshing to see more artists pull traditional techniques together and innovate; this record is no exception, and hopefully this trend will continue throughout 2018.

Right from the outset EsZ’s flow is tempered but never lazy, simply sounding natural, effortless and likeable. The dreamy beat, the mellow production, the confident and chilled flow, all combine to create a very particular aesthetic, perfect for late night drives or dank smoke sessions. And although it does have higher ambitions, it perfectly fits those particular situations.

The key is that there is a personal purpose to the whole of “Plush Berry Kisses”, and that kind of focus is something to be celebrated. EsZ can sometimes be quiet for a while, but when he drops a track you need to stop what you’re doing to listen to it. There’s something about his style that enchants. So even if you don’t think of yourself as an EsZ fan there’s something about his music that gravitates you towards it.


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