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Future funk is rising, and as funk music and all of its funkiness is jumping onto the music scene in all sorts of ways, this may have been an investment made by music creators that is steadily to the creation of one of the next big music trends. Future funk combines old funk and disco elements with new-school electronic techniques. Music has always been a medium able to create something accessible which then allows listeners to sink into something deeper and more complex, and future funk does a magnificent job of that. Its beat and rhythmic momentum draws you in, which in turn allows the producer to introduce you to sounds and flavors with a more profound scope. One such creative is Haviv Rosilio with his project Freaky Little.

Haviv Rosilio

“Manifesto” is a dark synth, hip-hop and funky music single by Freaky Little. The song is taken from the soundtrack of “TRANSMUTED” – a short ART film by Haviv Rosilio. The film was shot mostly in Tel Aviv, Israel and some abandoned ex-military facilities. It expresses a concept of humans whose DNA got infected and altered.

They become freaks of nature, while maintaining life in an underground bunker, and resisting all sorts of dangers. In some ways, Freaky Little is the perfect example of a gateway project, as it easily lets you branch out into a different corner of the music universe. Far away from the clichéd and cloned sounds we’re so used to.

On “Manifesto”, Freaky Little shows us yet another evolution within electronic music. The sound is marketable, the beat is danceable, and the sound is accessible to the average music listener, yet the artistic creativity abounds all over this record. And the video, may I add.

What’s not to love about a genre full of creativity? People need something new to move to it seems, and this revolutionized electronic sound by Freaky Little, is just what people need, and that will become more apparent over time.

Electronic music and the techniques used in music are evolving in general, and people like Haviv Rosilio with his project Freaky Little only show creatives can bend and mold styles into new things, letting never before seen genres find a place in the forever-growing ecosystem of music that exists.

The video girls

With signs of intrigue already showing up on music websites, video platforms, and social media, the word can only spread further, and maybe soon Freaky Little will be a household name, or at least one with a very strong notoriety in the underground.

Haviv Rosilio seems like someone who has always pushed the boundaries of his own creativity, establishing himself as a craftsman, within the visual arts, design, decorating and music, among other things. He is one of the few acts who defines his own music genre with a hybrid blend, and it should allow him to attract crowds, who are always hungry for innovation.

The release of “Manifesto”, combined with video clip signals a landmark in not just current independent electronic music, but underground contemporary music as a whole. By building his audiovisual style from the ground up, Haviv Rosilio and his Freaky Little project, found a way to incorporate classic vintage elements with ultramodern production styles for an intoxicating combination of sound and vision.

“Manifesto” features elements derived from electronica, hip-hop, funk, and even pulls from synthwave styles. Fans of Freaky Little will see more than innovation, they’ll see the future!


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