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The new single “CosmicBlack 9” makes a formidable case for G.E. Holliday as more than a whip-smart R&B producer and performer. His exploding tastes helps restore a sense of genre fluidity to black urban music. What’s refreshing about this track isn’t just how much ground it covers but the open heart and questioning passion it carries in doing so. Holliday has a voice that gives its all to be able to tell you what is still being felt in the present. He is characterized by his voice that is camouflaged within a particular delicateness, and that after a turn of tone gives it strength, resulting in an emotional development, since he feels so close to the listener.

This is only multiplied more by his lyrics, which is the column of G.E. Holliday’s entire catalog. All this detailed collage of his thoughts and feelings are clarified thanks to his way of expressing himself based on his intensely emotional lyrics. With “CosmicBlack 9”, Holliday once again proves himself as one of the most significant underground artists in indie music today. He has already crafted some excellent singles and crossed diverse genres in doing so.

It is the boldness in G.E. Holliday’s creativity that ultimately sets him apart from the pack. “CosmicBlack 9” demonstrates even in its simplest moments, that sincerity and clarity of purpose that makes Holliday a name to take note of. The biggest thing about “CosmicBlack 9” is that it makes damn sure we know this single is no throwaway, as the singer-songwriter infuses real sentiments into the song.

“CosmicBlack 9” is meticulously structured according to conventional pop wisdom. The slow-burning melody wraps itself around your soul, while the words penetrate your heart. All the while the thumping beat pushes the momentum and builds a foundation for the shimmering sounds above it. G.E. Holliday’s lead vocal is endearing in its delicacy while the backing harmonies form soft white clouds of subtle ecstasy.

The mood is contemplative, while the soundscape is unfailingly beautiful. Instead of creating some sort of sequel to any of his previous songs, G.E. Holliday sets off towards an entirely fresh sonic galaxy, one of startling, but understated ambition and beauty. The soulful, dreamy atmosphere is aided by production that’s somehow both incredibly lush, and exactingly minimal. Every instrument echoes into the next, creating a seamless experience.

Without ever forcing a syllable or note, the emotion can be heard in his magnificently expressive singing voice. “CosmicBlack 9” is a masterful display of narration, as G.E. Holliday expresses so much through lyrical implication and assertion, whilst maintaining a personal perspective firmly inside his own mind. “CosmicBlack 9” is wonderfully languid, accessible and deceptively simple. It doesn’t rush, yet there is emotional urgency in each note.

G.E. Holliday’s turn of phrases and chosen instrumentation in “CosmicBlack 9”, offer the listener a deep reflection on the nature of life and love. The song is intimate and endearing, simultaneously drawing listeners into themselves and into G.E. Holliday’s world.


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