G.umfvnk: “Chapter Two: Sermon of Serpents” assaults your senses!

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G.umfvnk (Dirty Gumball) is a Rap artist from Tucson, AZ and is currently living in El Paso, TX. G.umfvnk’s unique and diverse style which blends both the eloquent and the offensive has garnered fans in the underground as well as mainstream. “Chapter Two: Sermon of Serpents” his latest, and third album release, featuring producers like Syndrome, Pixel, Santos Santana and Mock Ten. Growing up isn’t always easy and it is now apparent to me how vastly different everyone’s lives can be. Sounding like an electrified, and futuristic version of 90’s alternative music, this album is an emotionally saturated powerhouse of sound.

It is a concentrated, pouring out of emotions, experiences and anecdotes. It discusses what many people consider simple primary human emotions with such daring complexity that it eventually has you looking at every aspect of your psyche from a new angle. Both completely honest and relentlessly brutal, G.umfvnk’s goal is not to lament the past but to learn from it and move into the future.

Loaded with explicit dope and pussy stories, the album’s content isn’t by any means edgy in its meaning. In fact, each song’s meaning is so easily relatable that it can become uncomfortably edgy in its visceral honesty. When this is set against the rapper’s raw talent and brazen images created in his lyrics, something special is released.

What G.umfvnk does well on the record is bring songs out of their shell with hard-hitting verses. The rhymes hit you like steroid injections to the heart. The tracks also focus on big choruses at times, but draw mostly on the inner turmoil within the tracks’ lyrical themes, to add another level of shock to each song.

The drug and sex connotations must be mentioned for its deep, dirty and twisted honesty. Sounding like a futuristic renaissance, G.umfvnk shows the listener he’s not afraid to go places they may not have been before, and therefore develops a real edge and grittiness to these well-structured tracks.

Right from the swinging opening track, “Guilty Again!” this album is great on so many levels, and the use of raw and blunt language makes this full of impactful ideas.

G.umfvnk is a very skilled songwriter, and if this record is anything to go by, the he’s going to be around for a long time to come. And by the time the harsh “Enough! I’ve Had It With All These Mothafuckin Snakes On This Mothafuckin Plane”, kicks in, you know for sure G.umfvnk is working without genre constraints and boundaries.

There’s a pulsing gothic brilliance to “Hypocrite” which carries you through to the futuristic soundscape on “Leaking”. G.umfvnk’s voice is carnal and dangerous as his desire itself becomes the lusty flesh he wants to feed on. Strip away the music, and the lyrics will set off unforgettable memories full of non-stop, toe curling, passionate sex.

But what sets most of these songs about sex apart, is G.umfvnk dares to venture deeper by exposing the opposite, darkest side of erotic desire and passion. All the sides of sexual desire – the delicious and the terrifying exist for G.umfvnk.

Elsewhere, G.umfvnk’s storytelling skills become almost hair-raising, like on “Lock Jaw” and “That Bullshit!” Along with the focused tales the rapper also brings in elements of melody and introspection in the atmospheric standouts, “Moonchilld (Prod By Syndrome)” and “Losing Faith”. G.umfvnk’s writes with a demonic confidence as he takes his material into even darker territories on “Sermon Of Serpents”.

“Tripping” sizzles with a caged tension and has all the hallmarks of an epic story, earmarked by a mesmerizing high-pitched synth line. G.umfvnk’s ability to spit rage with a coiled, viperish intensity is captivating. The most intense emotions twist like trembling naked bodies encircling his scorching vocals.

Even when G.umfvnk’s rides a more laid-back beat like “Light The Gas 2 (Prod By Syndrome)”, the stinging sound of his voice lashes the midnight sky like a ferocious whip, assaulting your senses while leaving you speechless.



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