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Gogo Vagena has an instrument that channels the gorgeous vocal stylings of the classic songstresses of our time, but with enough restraint and thickness to merit comparisons with modern day divas. Her vocals and attitude throughout her latest single, “Fly to You”, prove that she has already found her own character, where her versatility and jazz-sprinkled inflections are capable of shining on almost any song. One immediately recognizes that she would sound as at home blowing with a big brass ensemble, in front of an orchestral wall, or simply accompanied by a solo acoustic instrument.

The production crew on “Fly to You”, certainly knew how to work with her voice, allowing both the instrumentation and the vocal style to coalesce into a beautiful, soulful concoction.  Gogo Vagena sounds absolutely stunning as she breezes through the track.

Gogo Vagena was born in Athens, Greece. As a student she participated in school’s choir and also attended ballet lessons for 10 years. During her university years she started singing lessons at National Conservatory in Athens and at the same time she started working professionally as a singer at clubs and concerts mostly in Athens.

She speaks Greek, English, Italian and French. “Fight hard for what you believe in, aim higher” is a motto that keeps her going on. On “Fly to You”, Vagena effortlessly flows in song and rhyme over a most elegant beat embellished with sultry horns and smooth guitars.

Awesome breathe control and agile phrasing are the hallmarks of Gogo Vagena disciplined technique. Just when you think her voice will fade, she’ll unpredictably climb higher, into an ascending rift. She sounds at her best when she digs deep, and sings slow, and her voice becomes one with the musical backing.

“Fly to You” is a true testament to the sheer force and beauty of Gogo Vagena’s skills. Her immaculate voice doesn’t go unnoticed. It has the elegance and sophistication that suits galas of black and white tuxedos, evening gowns, and the finest champagne.

The song writing is remarkable, while the confessional elements are profound too. The lyrics and music are both are so confident and smart that you can’t help but get pulled into the whole experience. “Fly to You” seems like both a culmination of everything she has learned about music and performance, and also an introduction for English-speaking fans to hear more of her.

The song is a significant step forward for Gogo Vagena and definitely a positive one. Her cool, calm, and collected approach dominates, highlighting Vagena’s distinct, inescapable pipes. It’s good music for the summertime and beyond.

The guitars add to the lushness and overall beauty, complementing Gogo Vagena’s cool, but nuanced tone which is clear as a bell. Her vocals are pristine, the music is immaculate and her talent is undeniable. Which probably means she’ll have a harder time getting promoted, as many will be distracted by singers taking their clothes off, or dancing to some dumb rubbish. Wake up people, “Fly to You” is a smooth, passionate romp that requires your attention.


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