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Handmaiden of Yashaya, a soul and neo-soul Truth Music artist on the 4 Corner Music Group record label, is a singer of singer of scriptural truth who draws her lyrics from the old and new testament KJV translations; the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha; and the Dead Sea Scroll collection. Born in Clapton, East London, UK; her stage name uses the Ancient Phoenician rendering of Christ’s name: Yashaya; but basically means ‘female servant of Christ’.

A true emotional and bliss trip of nothing but soulful and love enriched sounds, her single ‘Don’t let the Devil Get In’ comes to us as not just a project or a simple release but as true and genuine experience. Handmaiden wrote, recorded and mixed this song in tears after watching her loved ones break into a mass fight that ended up dividing a family.

‘Don’t let the Devil Get In’ is a combination of chill downtempo sounds, incorporating Hip Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul and a slight pitch of elegant electronic. Handmaiden of Yashaya’s vocals fuse perfectly with the production as if she is floating on the beat, creating this lovely luminous aura around the arrangement.

Showcasing a well-informed tongue and an enchanting voice, the silky propulsion of the song will give you chills, and leave you with a reminder of your own spiritual condition.

‘Don’t let the Devil Get In’ opens with a very beautiful pad and panning electric keys accompanied by a gentle throbbing drumbeat and skittering hi-hats. Handmaiden of Yashaya comes in vocally and starts painting her eloquent story about pain and redemption.

The songstress gives nothing but her truth, fully and truly, as she touches high plateaus of devotion.  It sounds like a conceptual chronicling of a journey from darkness to light, rooted in a tale of spiritual awakening.

“Don’t let the devil get in,” sings Handmaiden of Yashaya. “Cos if the devil gets in, he stays so long. He makes a home. You think his thoughts are your own.” With calm assurances and a honey-soaked melody, ‘Don’t let the Devil Get In’ flows ahead like a modern meditative chant, as the singer affirms: “I keep a clean temple, clean heart, clean thoughts, clean words, clean deeds. Keep it clean, cos I want the Holy Spirit to walk with me all the time.”

Heart wrenchingly inspiring, Handmaiden of Yashaya uses her starry voice to evangelize and declare her faith. The singer’s openness and honesty makes ‘Don’t let the Devil Get In’ admirable, with the song revealing something personal, and above all, universal.

The insightfulness throughout this track shows how much can be learned from any situation life throws at you. Dripping with emotional sounds and powerful inspirations, it is clear that this record is an honest and direct reflection of Handmaiden of Yashaya life experiences.

Full of sultry vocals that flow over a beguiling beat, ‘Don’t let the Devil Get In’ is nothing short of hypnotic. Handmaiden of Yashaya’s unique tone is what carries her on this track, while her artistic approach is steeped in earnestness, and a natural spiritual energy that permeates the entire song.


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