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Surprise new artist, HuntB drops his debut single “Red Light” ft. Emayewhyoh across all streaming platforms. The song which is already receiving serious airplay, was premiered on DJ Vic XL of Atlanta’s Ridin Durty Radio broadcast to high praise and rave reviews. HuntB’s polished verses are associative and ambling, used as a tool for the artist to express himself.

Some of the genre’s best songwriters convey emotions through minute details, but HuntB’s gift is also for zooming all the way out and giving us the big picture of the cycles that bind us on a daily basis, through his personal storytelling.

Red Light” songwriting feels like an attempt to convey exactly what he’s thinking, doing, and experiencing to his listeners, in all its sprawling, complex glory. HuntB utilizes tight, almost conversational vocals, for the most part, to perfectly compliment the beautiful piano-driven backing track. Twinkling piano notes span the track, while the bass lines remains throbbing and somber, creating a dark atmosphere tinged in both introspection and cocky self-empowerment.

Red Light” ft. Emayewhyoh, is understated yet captivating, sucking you into its hypnotic gaze. You get lulled into HuntB’s hazy and smoky voice over the smooth instrumental. On this track, HuntB has a very down-to-earth style of music, with a laid back, but transcendent sound.

Though he never shouts and screams, the song is defined by an overreaching hubris, which allows HuntB to make bold declarations with absolute confidence. The melody and rhythm is mid-tempo and soothing, allowing the listener to almost relax and fall into the rapper’s lyrics.

This project sounds personal and mature, and it presents a fully-fledged glimpse at HuntB on his official debut – an essential moment in any artist’s life and career. Armed with a hot beat and some chillingly earnest lyrics, he is incredibly self-aware and ready to carve out his own lane.

The single proves HuntB capable of establishing a connection with his audience that will last, and also showcases the beauty of unflinching honesty of his craft.

Igniting a sense of musicality, on “Red Light” ft. Emayewhyoh, HuntB is good at describing the visuals in his mind with great detail, against production that barely stops short of being impressive. The results are thoroughly enjoyable, resulting in catchy, compelling hooks, and agile rhymes from HuntB. The tone totally suits the uncompromising, but restrained confidence, of the rapper from Montvale, Virginia.

HuntB is an upcoming wordsmith – he’s got gumption, he’s got passion, and he can definitely hold his own if he has to. He also proves that you don’t always need to use big complex words to get your point across or to make something sound good. He uses his natural born vibe and creativity to his advantage, penning a track many can identify with, and laying it out over a head nodding beat and a chill soundscape.

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