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There’s a fresh crop of rappers who are ready to take over 2020 and define the sound of the next decade. Signed to the DUCMG RECORDS label, the rapper Dopé has dropped his debut single, “Fuck Wit Me” ft. Yunsik. With a natural knack for melody that separates him from most peers, he makes music that paint the picture of a young artist who isn’t afraid of the hardships, and has ambitions to take over the world. His new single show his effortless ability to write sticky hooks that have a way of climbing inside your brain and never leaving.

Dopé keeps a stash of flows and witty bars that show he has the makings of a true star. He skillfully bounces between the evolving scenes of trap and rap, and like any player who can play multiple sides of the floor, and will soon be forcing his contemporaries and peers to step their game up.

While at first glance, this just sounds like a fun song to vibe to, there’s also sneaky depth and nuance to the rapper’s songwriting. Dopé makes songs that you can party to, in one setting, and learn life lessons from, in another. He can really do it all in one song. Dopé has an extremely diverse set of artistic skills, and he’s as sharp a rhymer, writer and producer as any.

Once you hit play on “Fuck Wit Me” ft. Yunsik, Dopé emerges quickly and powerfully, somehow fully-formed as a confident artist with an unbreakable aesthetic. His is a universe populated by references both introspective and easily relatable, an impressionistic sketch of his mindset and experiences. It’s unrelenting, and breathes with the epiphany of self-discovery.

Today there’s room for stars and up-and-comers alike, with each bracket able to gain respect and traction. Dopé isn’t short on natural charm, and there’s a universality to his music that makes him a perfect potential star for the modern era.

The rapper showcases a knack for weaving together a vivid tale in a way that’s at once honest and addictive, and all his talents come together on this song.

Offering lyrical flourishes for the rap heads and sticky choruses for radio-friendly listeners, “Fuck Wit Me” ft. Yunsik, signals versatility and mastery of his artistry. Dopé is a reminder to never sleep on what’s happening in the underground scene.

He’s got something special, instantly capable of drawing in massive engagement. In case you aren’t already acquainted with Dopé, we encourage you to accept his invitation into his debut single release.

And while you’re about it, check out his EP project “Dopé Session”. The rapper’s bubbly, intoxicating delivery defies regional sounds, making him a versatile artist whose music can travel well beyond his hometown. Something tells us Dopé has the star power and quality music to ride his defining elements for a long time. So it looks like the DUCMG RECORDS label signee is ready to seriously build his momentum in 2020.


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