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I The Nihilist is a Progressive Metalcore band from Long Island, New York. The quartet is made up of Chad Dugan (Vocals), Joe Lupo (Drums), DJ Midolo (Guitar) and Christian Rodriguez (Guitar). Their video single, metal cover over “Dynamite” is musically incredible, both aggressive and beautifully catchy and the same time. Vocally it is a perfect example of the combining of styles, allowing us to rage along, or sing along to the anthemic choruses that are the center pieces of the song. The contrast between clean and dirty vocals throughout the track, shows how well arranged this song is. It’s easy to make a chorus clean and verses dirty; however, it’s a whole other ball park to mix the two together in any section of a song.

I The Nihilist generally stick to the outline of the original script, but rebuild the sonics from the bottom up. Following the melodic intro, the track riffs into action and is met by blistering drums and then the soaring vocals.

The guitars are technical and precise as we head into the growling section. The music is so powerful it grabs you immediately, as Chad Dugan brilliantly switches back and forth between melodic and harsh vocals. His voice has an incredible range, and drives the song’s dynamic changes effortlessly.

The music continues the charge, as the guitars rage in the background, the vocals are powerful and emotional, as the pace is being pushed, and the feeling that this is a special track to the band, is clear, as they combine the metal aggression and the clean pop vocals, showing how well the two styles can blend and complement each other.

The band have outdone themselves massively – both in terms of the reworking of “Dynamite” and in their stunning execution of the piece. Whatever you’ve come to expect from a melodic metalcore record, you’ll find here: catchy hooks, chuggy riffs and plenty of mosh-worthy moments, as I The Nihilist put the bone-crushing crunch into K-Pop.

Djenty, prog metal theatrics ascend into the core of “Dynamite”, with sludgy verses that detonate into infectious choruses. Firing on all cylinders, the band stomp into a stand-out offering. Their cover slaughters the senses while it simultaneously hits deep to the heart of the K-Pop catchiness, it tackles.

It is clear that with this cover, I The Nihilist is here to make a statement and what a way to do it. They grab a massive hit by K-Pop kings, BTS, which has raked in over 300 million views on YouTube, and give it a total metal makeover.

That takes balls and self-confidence, over and above talent, and I The Nihilist nail it, with a blistering and ferocious performance. With their cover of “Dynamite”, the band has created an outstanding interpretation which will gain them the recognition they deserve.

Currently working on their new website, you can connect with I The Nihilist on FACEBOOK.

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