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Incredibly accessible, with a pronounced dark edge, J90 mix a real alternative ethos with catchy moments. J90 are a 5 piece band from County Cork in Ireland. Overall, their latest single “Machine” is another excellent contribution to the band’s discography. J90’s trademark big sound theatricality, strong vocals, and confidence are all present, though mixed with a newfound maturity and edginess as the song takes an introspective yet outspoken turn. Their willingness to experiment and challenge themselves as songwriters and performers makes for a great listening experience – and consistently proves their potential as a collective.

In all of their versatility, J90 have hit their stride multiple times. From covers to original tracks, the band has fluctuated throughout a multitude of sounds. For now, “Machine” must stand as the their greatest feat. J90 are making impressive music. “Machine” explodes out of the gate into an ambitious pop-rock powered anthem for the times.

But “Machine” is already ambitious in its intentions: “This is a shout out to the real people. The ones that work their ass off every day. The nurses, doctors, paramedics, fire fighters, scientists, shop workers, teachers, journalists, radio stations, etc. Especially since the beginning of this pandemic. You are the machine! We are the machine,” exclaim J90.

They match that claim with a confident and spectacular track that should be taken seriously, as J90 give us their clearly expressed perspective on the human existence: “You are both God and Devil. You are the kings and the queens. But we are on another level, and we are the machine, All hail the machine.”

The track sucks you right in with the insistent haunting melody, and once you’re there, the title of the song drives its message home, causing you to question your own judgments, your own decisions, your own motivations. It’s instrumentally expansive while still offering a big melodic hug through warm harmonies, layers of emotive strings and thumping percussion.

J90’s major selling point, would probably be the craftsmanship within their songs. Their three-dimensional aural template, render “Machine” a thrilling listen. So too do the lyrics representing a newfound directness. The words here may be the most interesting part of the record; more than anything, they reveal the anxieties and aspirations of our troubled times.

The message is loud and clear on “Machines”. The huge hooks present throughout are undeniable, and they are anchored by characteristically strong verses, complete with a passionate vocal performance and solid instrumentation. Quite simply, J90 produce quality, intelligent lyrics and an infectious melody that is not easy to forget.

“Machine” has a lot of highs, and enough sincere exuberance to power an entire city, and it’s utterly impossible to resist the charm of the vocals which rank with the best in the genre. J90 have demonstrated they have the tools to make a genuinely top-class, original track.

J90 are some of the smartest pop-rock scholars currently operating in the independent music business today. These men know what it takes to make an irresistible song. And make it mean something too!

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