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Producer and DJ Luca Draccar returns to the music world with an absolutely fabulous new EP called Flamboyant. As evidenced from the project’s title, Luca offers a gripping musical journey that is sure to enhance the listening stimuli of his audience. He is known for adding a soulful and exotic edge to techno and electronic dance music that has only heightened with the release of Flamboyant.

Comprised of three pulverizing tracks, Flamboyant is a masterful journey that unveils Luca Draccar’s imaginative genius and taste for cutting-edge sound. The EP kicks off with a rigorous groove entitled Birba. This epic track is flavorfully enriched by a broad structure of fluid measures of keyboard and synth that are uniquely tied together by its pulsating beat.

Flamboyant continues with a savory composition titled Every Exit Is An Entrance. This is riveting track that captures our attention with a collage of rhythms and layers, which steadily emerges and transforms in a timeless continuum. The track’s inventive typography captures our attention with a whirlwind of synthesized elements that rise to a sharp but fabulous crescendo. Never Settle follows. This track is a thrilling conclusion that brandishes an accelerating rhythm and flowing bassline in the creation of its dark atmosphere.

Overall, Flamboyant by Luca Draccar is a very unique and cinematic piece of work. In many ways, it calls to mind the value of musical artistry as opposed to just making a record. The techno music virtuoso has delivered more than we can ask for, which is why Flamboyant lives up to its name and so much more. Salute!

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