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Honesty has been a trend with Jamie Nelson’s approach to music-making. Her sweet, yet scathing, dynamic vocals have granted her ever-evolving lyrics the perfect expression of her emotional and existential truths. On her latest single, “Love You Like That”, she dives inward at a new level, using a pop-rock melody to not only vocalize her feelings, but also to untangle them, and reckon with them in a self-empowering way that feels personal to her own experience.

“I warned you about me. I told you it wouldn’t end well. Like staying at an empty hotel. Now I’m back in your front seat. I know I shouldn’t play you like that. Who’s counting cuz I think I lost track,” sings Jamie, before hitting the apex: “I know, I shouldn’t play you like that, like that. You lost, lost my attention. I’m in another dimension. Take off cuz I’ll never love you like that.”

The phrase, “Love you like that” isn’t only a title and an introductory image; it’s the driving theme of the track. It’s one that digs into the notions of the power of femininity, womanhood, individuality, and self-empowerment.

“I know you won’t forget about me, hear my voice in your sleep. So don’t you pretend to be sweet, gotcha down on your knees. I know you won’t forget about me, hear my voice in your sleep. So don’t you pretend to be sweet, you’re not the one that I needed,” exclaims Jamie, certifying her intransigence.

Co-written with Adam Bertucci and Dallas Rodin, “Love You Like That” is another perfect vehicle for Jamie Nelson’s alluring vocals, which does its utmost to bring flavor, nuance, and texture into this song.

The track pairs the fresh, immaculate production style, with seamless vocal layering and harmonies, as well as a unique approach to genre that treads the lines between rock, indie, and pop. Jamie’s vocals are as agile as ever, slicing cleanly through the instrumentation, and the sure-footed arrangement.

“Love You Like That” links chugging guitars with a finger-snapping rhythm and a slamming drum-beat, while the melody is relentlessly catchy as it slides over a kinetic rock orchestration. There is clarity and focus in the raw power of every note Jamie Nelson hits.

Jamie has an obvious and compelling vocal strength, which is never contrived or forced. All of which makes her music potent, yet easy on the ear. In fact, the track’s best moments come when the outspoken lyricism dovetails with the muscular instrumentation.

Born and raised in Mississauga ON, with a musical-theatre schooling under her belt, Jamie Nelson continues to refine her craft, adding even more range, nuance, and emotional depth to her performance on “Love You Like That”.  And once again, she has defied expectations in all the right ways.

The song has a mainstream ambition that smooths over any possible rough edges, making “Love You Like That” music of energetic candor and character, while working within formal mainstream constraints. It is highly likely that the track will make a big splash once it hits the right channels.


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