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I have been following Jay Machiavelli for a while now, and right from the get go, I was always fascinated by the way his raps sounded like stand-alone stories, layered onto entrancing and mesmerizing instrumentals. His latest single, “Dancing with the Devil”, is yet another worthwhile leap up the ladder, towards major league status. It will help establish him as one of the stronger voices in a vibrant, diverse, and crowded underground hip-hop scene. Though his raps are visceral expressions of youthful energy, Machiavelli’s music is decidedly cerebral and emotive.

A member and founder of Rare Breed Entertainment, Machiavelli started his adventure in the music world as a DJ and emcee. It was only after going to the University of Saint Francis in Joliet, on a partial scholarship that he discovered the Digital Audio Recording Arts program. This program allowed Jay to see and learn all sides of the audio world. On his past releases Jay Machiavelli proved that he can spit and make listeners think, but on “Dancing with the Devil” he also takes a crack at making us groove with a head nodding beat.

“Dancing with the Devil” displays Jay’s continual evolution as an independent artist creating such rich music.  His bars are packed with truths. Though Jay’s voice resonates with the forceful boom of a preacher, he doesn’t preach per se. His writing is captivating and enjoyable to listen to and even read through – listen to this track to get what I mean. He’s an astonishing writer who perfectly puts his vocabulary into good use.

On “Dancing with the Devil” Jay Machiavelli displays his pen game and perspective. He places himself as a leader in his field, and one to give sound counsel on a few things, staying in pocket on the bouncy beat, while delivering straight talking rhymes: “Looking back I was born a rebel. Seen people fall while dancing with the devil. Hating on my views cause they can’t get on my level. Trying to open up your mind but I’m locked up in my mental.”

In this highly anticipated single, Jay’s work delves deep into the exploration and understanding of what are the truths of his life and how the concept of his craft fits into it all. “Dancing with the Devil” continuously promotes the theme of developing and embracing self-empowerment and self-determination, in the face of everything happening around him. All of the song’s components create a complexity which strengthens the impact of the anecdotes being narrated through the lyrics.

The sounds of the percussion are strong and they act to create a storytelling vibe which holds the audience’s full attention, along with the echoing keyboard. All of the song’s components create a complexity which strengthens the impact of the anecdotes being narrated through the lyrics. It is Jay Machiavelli’s voice which ties all of the pieces together to form a very cohesive and poetic storyline throughout the track.

Jay Machiavelli regularly uses implied imagery and wordplay in “Dancing with the Devil”, to allow his listener the opportunity for critical thinking and analysis about his lyrics, about his message, and also about the world he, and ultimately we, live in.

Look out for Machiavelli’s upcoming release, “Now” ft. Jack, which drops on August 2oth – Presave Link –


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