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Originally from Haiti, Jeffrey Auguste is an upcoming pop artist whose passion for singing was ignited from a young age. He’s just now starting to pursue a music career, and has released the single “Missing You”. The track sees the artist revisiting the pop and R&B aesthetics, and embellishing them, and when he harnesses his vocal gift, the results are impossible to argue with. If you’re after a song that has an impressive production, a searching sentimental narrative, and fills your headphones with soulful, lushly layered sounds, you’ll appreciate this release.

Jeffrey Auguste proves with “Missing You” that hit-making sounds isn’t an issue for him, so the question is whether mainstream radio will diminish his independent status. In the meantime we can bask in the resonant vibrancy Jeffrey is sending out with this song. “Missing You” is a love ballad that really grips you from beginning to end, with the singer’s smooth and impressive vocal range shining through.

The confidence of “Missing You” sounds like the work of someone who wants to certify his identity in the game. Striking a balance between melancholy and inspiration, Jeffrey Auguste uses his nuanced voice to inhabit a space of introspective honesty. In the ever-competitive music world, becoming a recognizable artist almost always takes immense skill, combined with at least a bit of luck.

Whether Jeffrey Auguste will be blessed with the second factor remains to be seen, but “Missing You” confirms that he possesses the first. He flourishes when singing a slow burning rhythm and blues song. The pure eloquence of Jeffrey’s vocals come together to form a fluid, coherent narration of deep-rooted emotions. It carries a continued pulse of true feelings that build up to powerful choruses.

Not only does this track introduce its listeners to the artist, but it also fashions the message that this song is in fact a reference to Jeffrey Auguste’s real life as opposed to some fabricated storyline to draw in sympathetic listeners.

It’s a trait usually associated with keen and thoughtful musical craftsman. The purity of the vocalist rises to the top, allowing for raw emotion to surface. To be fair, the overarching beauty of “Missing You”, comes from the vocal composition as a whole.

Jeffrey Auguste truly does bring words to life in the most vibrant of ways in “Missing You”. Telling this story though the song, provides for an enchanting three and a half minutes of authentic, raw emotion. In expressing his own desire to be close to, and love someone unconditionally, Jeffrey Auguste may very well have just cemented himself as a new upcoming R&B sensation.


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