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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jo-B Sebastian spent his teenage years in the Philippines. His grandfather was a Juilliard-trained concert conductor and violinist, while he fed his own musical interest scrutinizing his parent’s record collection. After spending years cultivating a music career in Manilla. A scholarship from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, convinced Jo-B to walk away from lucrative offers in the pursuit of a deeper musical education. Hooked on his own brand of R&B blended with hip-hop inspired electronic beats, Jo-B Sebastian is now pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter in Brooklyn, New York. His latest single, available on all major digital stores, is entitled “HeartBeat” and is produced by Raphael Bussy.

The song is one that is bound to captivate R&B fans who enjoy good music that is both sophisticated and cool. Jo-B Sebastian delivers a superb track that is bound to hit urban radio. He has a way of making you take note of his range and this is especially evident on “HeartBeat”.

The guy sounds great – pushing and pulling the melody, futzing with the words, twisting his vocal sound inside and out for effect. In fact, he sings with a tight, keening edge to his voice that makes it rather distinctive, even set off against a layer of subtle synth grooves and general harmony-filled choruses.

Focusing on the intoxicating emotion that is love. “HeartBeat” is intensely sung with bona fide sincerity that sparks straight-forward openness in his voice and falsetto bursts. Sensuality, homespun romance, and about everything in-between, is delivered atop an elegant lyric sheet and a meticulous, slow-tempo groove.

The song pinpoints on recognizing the real: claiming it and settling into it to keep the soul intact. Jo-B Sebastian’s approach to his lady – placing him as the antithesis of the too-common sex-starved, drama-fueled crooners – soothes and satisfies.

Jo-B Sebastian is such an exact opposite of what many of today’s hit-makers embody, that those who don’t know better may pin him down as predictable. But what he proves with his latest release, is that one doesn’t have to employ an army of auto-tuning super-producers and glittery guest appearances to make a compelling song.

“HeartBeat” provides just what its name implies: a simple, yet sublime song built on a foundation of a masterful melody and elegant instrumentation. The track ebbs and flows seamlessly as Jo-B Sebastian makes each note and verse count.

It’s a rare moment when Jo-B displays the full strength of his vocal range, but when he does, the results are stirring and soulful. “HeartBeat” and is produced by Raphael Bussy, is practically resplendent, filled with lushly-layered vocals, fluttering keys and percussion that sends Jo-B Sebastian’s declaration of devotion to heaven and beyond.


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