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Pittsburgh music veteran John Vento is back with yet another single, entitled “Let God Drive”, which fulfills a promise John made to his wife, Michele, while he was healing from multiple vocal cord medical procedures, due to too many years of poor singing technique and abuse, combined with vocal cord scarring from tubes having been put down his throat during major surgery a few years earlier. Throughout his recovery period, when others at their church would offer prayers, Michele told them: “When John can sing again, he has promised me that he will write and record a gospel song.” John Vento’s singing voice has returned, and though he is still busy with training and rehabilitation, he has maintained his wife’s promise with the release of this single.

Written by Vento, producer David Granati and Matt Wohlfarth, “Let God Drive” is from the year-long “Brick By Brick” album in the works on the MTS Records label. Those few still not familiar with John Vento, should know that he is a #1 international iTunes charting artist, a Billboard Magazine Emerging Artist, and a 2019 International Music and Entertainment Association Award winner. Vento has made numerous TV appearances on Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC.

A blend of Americana and traditional gospel – choir and all – don’t be fooled into thinking this is anything less than the magic John Vento has been so capable of over the years. In fact, it’s one of his most lush and complete work yet.

Tapping back into Vento’s craftsman crate of roots and heartland rock, as well as soulful and emotional armory, producer David Granati  makes the instrumentation even more grandiose and epic than usual, and tops it all off with some once-in-a-lifetime vocal takes from Vento and the rest of the singing crew.

Despite his voice complications, there’s not much John Vento’s supercharged voice can’t make you feel deeply. Vento’s greatest strength is undeniably the gritty Americana-rock lane, which he has carved out a unique place for himself within, but there’s something equally delightful about hearing those raw grounded elements blended into the uplifting gospel aesthetic. It makes for an impacting mix from a strong singer and emotive storyteller.

Whether it’s the lead vocals that get more and more intense, the percussion that crashes every time John Vento stretches his voice to sing that critical note in the chorus, or the choir that joins in to communicate the emotion even better than the words, it’s easily one of the most masterfully structured and arranged tracks from Vento.

The instrumentation, especially the guitar, certainly does emphasize the spiritual power imbued in the vocals, but there’s something about John Vento’s vocal gravitas that makes you listen to his story no matter what. Vento is so mind-blowingly excellent at believably delivering narratives that are incredibly inspiring, and hearing him on “Let God Drive” downright confirms that statement.

John Vento has always had it in him to sell a story with his outstanding vocals and lyricism, but here the instrumentation and full blown harmonies behind him catches up to all of his performance bluster and elevates his skills to an entirely new level.


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