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It’s often too easy for Christian artists to fit formulas, both melodically and lyrically. With a variety of audiences, not to mention the divine directive of adoration and praise, faith- based music is a tricky business. Enter Randy Seedorff who has been writing and performing for over 30 years, and the template changes. The Kansas City singer, songwriter, and pastor at the Trinity Church of Nazarene in Independence, MO, merges his driving bluegrass inspired rock with an atmosphere of majesty and immenseness that’s always in adoration and awe of his faith, but never preachy. In a strict sense Seedorff cannot be classified as a praise and worship, as such. He simply tells engaging stories, wrapped inside lush and vibrant soundscapes, infused with his personal experiences, and the faith that propels them.

So when you discover the Lord in his Randy Seedorf’s album “Begin Again”, it’s not because he is preaching, but rather, empathetically relating his life values. The first thing that will strike you is how sonically beautiful everything is on this recording, produced by Larry Gann (Elton John, John Oates).

Every song is like being hit with endless rays of warm and bright sunshine. “My faith is a vital part of my life and guides and leads all that I do,” says Seedorff. “My conversion experience was the beginning of a new life, a resurrection from the ashes, the defining moment that changed my heart, and set me on a fresh path to eternity.”

From the opening track, “Dream”, the guitars and Randy Seedorf’s resonant vocal style stands out, fusing his delivery with power and passion. The momentum and intensity is maintained on the up-tempo “Family Tree” and the bluesy “Never Alone”.

As the title suggests “It Takes a Whole Lotta Jesus” unpacks Randy’s faith-filled inspirations, and allows his voice to soar to new heights, along with the superb guitar motifs. Seedorf also has a way of taking some of the most learned truths and making them relate to the average person on the street.

“My Maria”, also finds Randy Seedorf in full voice, but it’s “The Poet” which thoroughly impacts the senses, as the singer-songwriter sculpts a magnificent vocal performance, if not the very best one on this entire album.

The same goes for the guitar solo, which once again soulful and stunning. Seedorf also does perfect justice to the Kris Kristofferson penned “Why Me Lord”, before closing down with the Ira F. Stanpill hymn “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”.

Fusing equal parts rock, country, and a whole lot of organic warmth scattered in the mix, Randy Seedorf has crafted a gem with “Begin Again”. Strong vocals, great faith-fueled anthems and the authentic rock atmosphere is what makes this album so great.

This 8 track collection of both original and cover songs was released on April 2nd, 2021 via MTS Records. It’s a surefire fan pleaser as well as a solid introduction for first-time listeners. “Begin Again” flat out rocks!


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