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Named for Artist of the Year by Independent Music Awards, and Producer of the Year by Indie Music Awards, Justin Case Rapping Grandpa is exactly what the title says – a real rapping grandpa. Justin has released dozens of tracks, distributed over more than 100 platforms worldwide. He also has a book out, and finds time to manage other artists, while collaborating and performing with a host of other artists. Justin Case Rapping Grandpa’s latest smash is “Dance on my Diamond” ft. Blacktree.

An artist whose discography seems limitless, this single is diverse, a mixture of smooth jangling guitars, snappy percussion, and a flurry of flows. Each explicit lyric on this track is delivered with sincere authenticity, as the rappers exchange bars effortlessly.  “Dance on my Diamond” ft. Blacktree features some extremely catchy lines, top tier production, and great guest contributions.

Justin Case Rapping Grandpa has the potential of being a universally beloved artist. His consistent and fun to listen to. Lyrically speaking, he keeps it simple and straightforward, avoiding complex and cryptic messages. He keeps you listening, because he says it like it is, and doesn’t try to disguise his thoughts as something they’re not, which is part of what drew me to “Dance on my Diamond” ft. Blacktree.

The talent Justin Case Rapping Grandpa has, obviously lies in his dedication to the craft, countlessly putting in the work to stay relevant across two decades in the game. And he shows no sign of slowing down. Sonically Justin Case Rapping Grandpa stands as the bridge between underground acts and established OGs.

With a knack for introspective storytelling as well as explicit outspoken stunting. He finds the balance between both worlds on “Dance on my Diamond”. Featured artist Blacktree also rides the beat effortlessly, helping to make the track sound like the perfect marriage between strip-club flexing and stony bedroom reflection.

But they are not alone, as we find Stewsane on the first verse, Tezza Baretta on the third verse, and Ace Young on the fourth verse. Tezza and Ace are both on Justin Case Rapping Grandpa’s label.

In this hip-hop era where much of the emphasis is put on the sound or vibe of a record, Justin Case Rapping Grandpa’s authenticity can cut through the trend. It’s important to note that Justin isn’t just a middle-of-the-road rapper who gets by just because he’s a nice guy and a grandpa. His bars are fierce and his flow smooth. Justin Case Rapping Grandpa presents a sharply refined persona, who’s been through the fire and back.

“Dance on my Diamond” ft. Blacktree succeeds for many reasons, but part of its appeal is how effortlessly cool Justin Case Rapping Grandpa’s sounds on his verse. The record is so precisely attuned to the rapper’s strengths that he comes across as completely in control.

It is a well-executed recording from an artist who has continuously conquered new peaks with every release. A survivor in a life riddled with challenges and losses, Justin Case Rapping Grandpa has taken his time to practice and perfect a genre he completely identifies with. You can hear it in his voice and his flow.


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